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Data Analytics for Managers Course Syllabus

Week 1. Understanding Web Analytics

Understand Web Analysis

Introduction to Data Analytics

Analyze traffic sources

Understand User Behavior

Identify primary market

A/B Testing

Define Goals

Launch your experiment

Turn Results Into Action

Week 2. Understanding Data

Statistical Thinking and Graphing

Learn Statistic Data Types and Data Collection

Statistical Graphics and Misleading Graphics

Summary Statistics and Probability

Measures of Center and Variation

Measures of Relative Standing

Additional Rule VS Multiplication Rule

Week 3. Advanced Statistics

Estimates and Sample Sizes

Confidence intervals

Sample Sizes

Course Review

Key Concepts of Statistics

Key Concept of Probability

Week 4. Manage Large Datasets with SQL

Introduction to SQL

Database Tables and Relational Databases


Customizing Queries

Sorting and Filtering Data

Apply Maths to your Query

Week 5. Summarizing Data & Advanced SQL

Summarizing Data

Aggregate Functions

Calculating Summary Statistics

Working with Subqueries

Joined Tables

Create and Use Joined Tables

Join a Table to Itself

Week 6. Data Mining & Data Visualization with Tableau

Course Review

Databases and SQL Review

Practice SQL

Data Visualization with Tableau

Import Data with Tableau

Data Mining

Week 7. Machine Learning & Big Data

Machine Learning

Intro to Machine Learning

Correlation Coefficient and Explained Variation

Simple and Multiple Regression

Introduction to Big Data Analytics

What is Big Data

How to Analyse Big Data

Week 8. Hands-on Data Analysis Project

Solve a Data Challenge


Analyze your Dataset

Present your Results

Student Presentations

Analyze Students Projects