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Coding for Managers Course Syllabus

Week 1. HTML & CSS

Apply HTML tags

Use best-practice CSS architecture

Include external assets (e.g. images and fonts)

Week 2. Responsive Design

Viewport tag and CSS media queries

Remote debugging and emulation in the browser

How to use Bootstrap

Week 3. Git & Github

Version control systems for software development

Create and modify a repository

Use Github to collaborate

Week 4. Ruby & Rails

Ruby vs Ruby on Rails

Model-View-Controller framework


Week 5. Bootstrap         

Describe what Bootstrap is and explain how the grid system works

Place different Bootstrap components onto a static page

Manipulate different Bootstrap elements with custom CSS

Design and create webpages using Bootstrap elements and styling

Week 6. Javascript

JavaScript basics: Primitives, Operators, Arrays, and Conditionals

CSS transitions and animations

Include JavaScript in a web page

Week 7. API & Heroku

Understand the role of an API

Learn about environment variables

Learn how to create a custom Rails route

Learn how to make an HTTP request with an API key

Understand the JSON data format

Learn how to make an AJAX request

Understand the asynchronous nature of JavaScript

Deploy your app on Heroku

Week 8. Technical Interview

What is an engineer technical interview

What to expect from a technical interview as a manager

Practice one typical exercise