Thomas Rand-Nash

Product School was a great investment in my future as a PM. My background is in startups as a founder. Although I was designing and building products with my teams at these startups, it was very much “seat of the pants” building. I joined Product School in San Francisco to learn how product management is done correctly and to learn best practices. I got everything I signed up for and more. Our cohort was taught by Carlos, the founder of Product School, with a couple other experienced PMs brought in for specific lessons. Carlos is not only extremely knowledgeable, but his enthusiasm for teaching really makes learning fun.

There are other choices out there for PM schools; however, the small class size and emphasis on learning and employing real-world tools sets this course apart. I would recommend Product School for anyone who has some experience in startups, marketing or engineering and wants to understand the process by which successful products are conceived, built and shipped. The support from the Product School community is amazing and continues after graduation. Many graduates have gone on to successful PM roles at top companies and continue to provide insights, guidance and feedback to current and former students on everything from tools to resume advice to job hunting and interview tips.

The take away: Product School is a great investment for aspiring PMs period.