Peter Ng

Product School is not only for people who want to transition to be Product Managers, but also for experienced product manager to reinforce their skill sets and advance their careers.

I signed up for the Summer weekend cohort started in mid-June 2016 in its new Silicon Valley location. The reason I signed up for Product School was to learn the latest tools and skills for a Product Manager. I have been in Product Management in the past 5-6 years in an enterprise cloud company. I had taken Pragmatic Marketing many years ago; but that’s more focus on outbound PM skill set. And I wanted to focus more on product design as a product manager. That’s why I like the curriculum of Product School to complement what I already learned.

My instructor, Alok, was very knowledgeable about the consumer and enterprise software space as a PM. He was very supportive and helpful throughout the class. The material and the exercise were very good and useful. I think the money was well spent on this class and I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to be Product Managers.