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Product School Summary

Product Management Course Syllabus 1

This is not your traditional lecture course. As a student, you can expect a mix of dynamic group work, one-on-one mentoring, and hands-on development training for managing web or mobile apps from inception to launch.

Our instructors, mentors, and guest speakers are experienced product managers from renowned companies, with diverse backgrounds.

Developed for working professionals, our product management classes are offered both nights and weekends in our conveniently located in the center of tech hot spots in the United States.

Product Management Course Syllabus

Product Management Training Course 164

Weeks 1-6: Learn how to build a product

Class 1. Product Management 101

Introduction to Product Management: Define roles; Define responsibilities

The Product Management Process: An overview of the Product development life cycle

Looking at Your Resume Through a Product Filter: Creating a great resume and cover letter

Class 2. Strategically Understanding a Company

Personas: Understanding your customers

Success Metrics: How does a company measure and quantify its goals

Use Cases: Understanding how customers use products to achieve goals

Class 3. Creating an Opportunity

Quantitative Methods: Turning metrics into opportunities

Qualitative Methods: Figuring out what to do next from non-measurable sources, aided by the Business Model Canvas, Value proposition Canvas and Kano Model

Class 4. Validating an Opportunity

Internal Validation: Validate an opportunity with your team

Customer Development: Talking with customers to make sure what you want to work on next is useful

Validating with Experiments: A/B Tests, Testing with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Class 5. From Ideas to Action    

Define an MVP: Determining the MVP for your opportunity

Writing and Using Product Requirement Documents (PRDs): How to write PRDs people will actually read

Class 6. UX Design                                

UX Design Process: Sketching / Wireframing / Mockup / Prototyping

Working with Design: PMs and Design responsibilities, Assess a Design

Google Ventures Design Sprints: Hands-on Google Ventures Design Sprint practice

Class 7. Engineering Development Methodologies

Product / Engineering Relationships: Strategies for establishing a great relationship with the engineering team

Development Methodologies & You: Waterfall; Agile: Kanban & Scrum

Class 8. Product Marketing and Launch

Customers and Messaging: How to create a product message to convey your product to customers

Going to Market: How to successfully launch a product

Class 9. Product Iteration and Interview Questions

Iteration: Finishing up the product development cycle & preparing for the next iteration

Interview Questions: Tips and practice for common types of product management interview questions

Class 10. Public Speaking I                                    

Create speaking content: A gentle introduction to public speaking with hands-on practice

Class 11. Public Speaking II                                    

Create presentation content: How to speak effectively with a presentation

Class 12. Course Review & Final Project

Recap: We cover any unanswered questions and spend the rest of the class doing a project together

Product Management Training Course 164

Weeks 7-8: Learn how to get a PM job

Class 13. Final Project Presentation I

Get buy-in for your product: Your instructor will identify strengths and areas for improvement

Analyze other products: Learn from the feedback your instructor will provide to your peers

Class 14. Final Project Presentation II

Get buy-in for your product: Your instructor will identify strengths and areas for improvement

Analyze other products: Learn from the feedback your instructor will provide to your peers

Class 15. Job Searching Strategies

Prepare to Apply: Making sure you and your supporting materials are ready for the process

Finding an Advocate: Finding someone at the company to advocate for you, be it via referral or cold email

Class 16. Job Interview Practice

Interview Practice: Resume review & mock interviews

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