The Product Management course for MBAs is a 14-week part-time program for professional with strong business background that want to transition into a Product Management role in a Software company.

All our classes are compatible with a regular work schedule and our campus is conveniently located in San Francisco. The instructors are professionals with real-world experience working at renowned tech Companies like Google, LinkedIn, and other technology startups. 

In parallel to the classes, you will also create and build a 0 to launch side project.

We have assembled a list of local hiring partners who are eagerly looking for our top Product School students.

Product Management Course Syllabus



  • Free one-on-one mentoring sessions with instructors before or after your class, in case you need specific help with regard to your homework and job search strategy
  • Drinks and snacks included with all of our classes

  • Lifetime access to all our content and updates

  • Lifetime access to all our workshops

  • Lifetime access to our alumni and mentors network

  • Lifetime access to our perks platform that includes discounts and free access to the most relevant product management tools (worth $2,500+)

If you would like to learn more about our Product Management course, click on the button below to schedule a free consultation. One of our career coaches will call you to answer any additional questions you may have: