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product school yelp reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

product school google reviews

5 out of 5 stars

product school yelp reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

product school course report reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

product school switchup reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

Quora Reviews

I took the 8-week Product Management course at Product School and have very positive feedback for anyone looking to take the course.  When I took the course I was Technical Director at Realsec, Inc and wasn’t really looking for a new job but I wanted to improve my Product Management skills. I was doing my… Read more “Francisco de la Pena”

Francisco de la Pena

This course covers everything you need to know about Product Management to jumpstart your PM career. It covers the absolute fundamentals of a PM role such as writing solid product specs, creating wireframes and interactive prototypes, developing personas, market sizing, A/B testing, metrics, product marketing, etc. But it doesn’t just leave you there – they… Read more “Medha Ghatikesh”

Medha Ghatikesh

I first stumbled upon Product School when I attended a Lean Product & Lean UX Silicon Valley meetup. Carlos, the CEO of Product School, was one of the speakers at the session. During the informative session, he told us the first 10 people to email him will get a free resume review. Of course, I… Read more “Kel Wu”

Kel Wu

I have known for well over a year now that Product Management is what excites me and interests me the most. However I had not taken any action towards pursuing that goal. So when I started this course, I had a clear goal of actively studying and pursuing Product Management in my career. Now that… Read more “Vijith Venkatesh”

Vijith Venkatesh

Google Reviews

I found out about Product School through one of my mentors. After doing quite a bit of research, analyzing the curriculum, attending a meetup hosted by PS, and reaching out to the CEO, I came to the conclusion that this was he right program for me. I applied and very soon got an interview over… Read more “Juan Acosta”

Juan Acosta

Whether you’re a rookie in the tech scene or a seasoned veteran, if you want to get a jumpstart into product management then Product School is for you! The role of a Product Manager varies from company to company, and even though many of us work with them on a day to day basis, there’s… Read more “Faran Najam”

Faran Najam

I recently finished my course at Product School and it was a very enriching learning experience for me. The combination of experienced faculty members (Working Product Managers) and enthusiastic peers makes learning a lot more fun. The curriculum provides you a well rounded knowledge of both theoretical and hand-on knowledge. You have to finish a… Read more “Shreya Bhushan”

Shreya Bhushan

Product School was a great investment in my future as a PM. My background is in startups as a founder. Although I was designing and building products with my teams at these startups, it was very much “seat of the pants” building. I joined Product School in San Francisco to learn how product management is… Read more “Thomas Rand-Nash”

Thomas Rand-Nash

Yelp! Reviews

This review is based on my experience going through this program early last year. I was in the 2nd “cohort” or the 2nd session Product School had. Since the program was fairly new at the time, I was a bit wary going into it, but it turned out great! These were my observations (in no… Read more “Jen C.”

Jen C.

I’m reviewing from the New York office, but I’m SO happy with the team that I wanted to make sure their praises were sung on both coasts. Like most people here, Product School has been the perfect resource for what I’ve needed. It’s given me the skill set, the network, and the confidence I needed… Read more “Ryan C.”

Ryan C.

I rate Product School 5 stars on content, instructors, networking, and resources. Those are the criteria I cared about when selecting Product School and my class turned out great, an excellent value for the price. I evaluated other options such as an Executive MBA at UCB or a class at General Assembly, and ultimately chose… Read more “David K.”

David K.

=== Overview === I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to transition into Product Management.  Remember though that: [ what you put in (effort + contributions) = outcome ] I wrote this to the PM facilitating at the last day of class: “Thank you again for all your contributions on the last… Read more “Richard F.”

Richard F.

CourseReport Reviews

I took the Product School class in New York, taught by Rayyan. Each week, we tackled a different aspect of product management, from scrum/working with developers to product marketing. The discussions were engaging, and I met a lot of great classmates. For me, the best part of the class was learning about common tools product… Read more “John K.”

John K.

Product School is not only for people who want to transition to be Product Managers, but also for experienced product manager to reinforce their skill sets and advance their careers. I signed up for the Summer weekend cohort started in mid-June 2016 in its new Silicon Valley location. The reason I signed up for Product… Read more “Peter Ng”

Peter Ng

I highly recommend Product School to those interested in furthering their product management skills. Product School will provide you with a solid foundation in product management within 8 weeks. Like others have said, the course is demanding, and you get out of it what you put into it. I attended the evening course in San… Read more “Dan Clark”

Dan Clark

Let me tell you about the time I went to Product School… I signed up for the weekend cohort that started July 9, 2016 on the San Francisco campus. I doubted between the weekday cohort and the weekend cohort for a while, but finally decided on the weekend cohort for 2 reasons: 1. the better… Read more “Jeroen Goddijn”

Jeroen Goddijn

SwitchUP Reviews

About a year ago we (my team) decided to create a product that is in the NYC real estate field. Through out the months I had to step up my learning until I realized that I was a product manager for my team. Having done a bit of research to see if I can further… Read more “Jonathan Aquarone”

Jonathan Aquarone

I took the class in July/August 2016. What I liked the most about this solid and ambitious course, is the fact that you will not just learn how to land a Product Manager job. You will also learn or brush up on so many skills that will be very useful whatever it is the next… Read more “Francesco Pugliano”

Francesco Pugliano

In mid-2014 I was being considered for a Product Manager role at Facebook and I had made it quite far in the process; having visited the headquarters and met up with a senior PM and being invited to a closed PM mixer by my recruiter, however, I couldn’t believe how far I had come but… Read more “Nathan Kwadade”

Nathan Kwadade

“I would recommend Product School to a friend or colleague!” Product School is a great fit whether you have zero product management experience and want to make a career shift or you’ve recently started your PM journey and need some guidance. You will leave this course knowing how to ship a product that makes your… Read more “Kathy”


Frequently Asked Questions

According to, the average salary for product managers is $118,962. This number can be higher depending on your location, company and previous experience.

The product management training course consists of 40 hours of class time and 16 hours of guest lectures during 8 weeks. In addition to the classes, plan on spending 3-5 hours outside of class each week working on homework assignments about your product.
  • Project Management. Product Roadmap, Product Specifications, Product Development Cycle, Agile Project Management with Scrum.
  • UX Design. Mobile and Web UX Fundamentals, User Persona, Prototyping, User Research.
  • Digital Marketing. How to support Marketing, Sales, PR & Customer Success Teams, Product Metrics, A/B Testing, Inbound and Outbound Marketing.
We welcome applications from talented professionals with 5+ years of relevant experience who live in California or New York, and want to get a new job or internal promotion within 6 months of completing the course.
All of our instructors are active product managers at top technology companies. The program is hands-on, designed to be compatible with your work schedule and geared towards helping you transition successfully into a product role.