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Free Scrum Master Certificate (SMC) Masterclass

January and February students who secure their spot during November 2015 will receive a free Scrum Master Certificate Masterclass, taught by our CEO, Carlos González de Villaumbrosia!

The Scrum Master Certificate (SMC) is a 1-day course that covers the best practices and tools to effectively manage a software engineering team. These tools relate to behavioral shifts, working with multiple teams in the fastest-growing technology companies in Silicon Valley.

Each class is intentionally limited to 14 students to provide the best possible learning experience, and all the students that get an 80/100 score or higher on the assessment test will earn the Scrum Master Certificate (SMC).

What Are Our Alumni Saying?

Product Management Training Course 9

“The program provided a good review of relevant topics and extensive coverage of PM interview strategies and practice. All the instructors were passionate individuals with hands-on industry experience.
I built a great network. The instructors go out of their way to connect students with hiring managers. My job search was incredibly positive and fast. Within a month of finishing the program, I got 5 phone screen interviews, out of which 4 resulted in on-site interviews, and I received 2 job offers. Now I work as Senior Product Manager!”

Suvda Myagmar – Senior Product Manager

Product Management Training Course 7

“This course covers everything you need to know about Product Management to jumpstart your PM career.
You get to apply everything you learn every week to your own side project, and the instructors provide VERY DETAILED feedback to help you learn and improve over the course of 8 weeks.
The instructors are product managers by profession so they use real life examples to explain PM concepts, have relevant PM experience, have exceptional teaching styles, and are very keen to help you excel in the course.”

Medha Ghatikesh – Software Engineer

Product Management Training Course 60

“The greatest assets PS delivers are clarity of thought, a strong community of contacts, and the confidence to execute on your PM vision.
Before joining Product School, I was drowning in blogs and online classes giving me contradictory advice and opinions. There’s plenty of information out there, but the challenge is filtering the signal from the noise. This is where Product School delivers, with engaging instruction and mentorship from real product managers.
Combine all this with Product School’s powerful network of contacts and you’ve got the perfect launchpad for your PM career.”

Drew Gorham – Founder of App Factory

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