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Strategic Thinking

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4 Ways Product Managers Use CRM to Maximize Feature Development

Nowadays, almost every business is running successful campaigns using a customized CRM solution. Customer relationship management systems have been paramount in helping to manage customer information, work sales funnels and organize by timeframes, projects, or features. While mainly used by the sales department, product managers are also relying on the data to build better products. How does this tie into the role of a product manager and how do they use the available features?   Read More

Skills, Strategic Thinking

How to Talk to Customers and Users

One of the most important parts of being a PM happens outside of the office. Product Managers will often hear the phrase, “Get out of the building. Talk to customers and users”. This means to step outside of the office and spends time with your customers and listen to what they need, how they manage their day-to-day and understand their problems so you can build products that solve them. Read More