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Level up your team’s product management skills

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What to expect

Dynamic group work, mentoring from top practitioners, and hands-on development training using practical case work valuable learnings for any product team

We are everywhere

With 16 campuses internationally, we are able to bring our expertise in-house, no matter where you are located

Top Product Managers as Instructors

Our instructors are experienced technology leaders from renowned companies such as Google, Facebook, Spotify, Airbnb, Snapchat, Linkedin, Netflix

Benefits of Product School Training

Custom Training for Your Team

Every team and organization is different, so why should the training be exactly the same? Our discovery process allows us to provide a customized training curriculum to fit your needs. The traditional curriculum covers everything to build the next generation of product managers while going in-depth enough for seasoned product managers to improve their skills and expand their expertise. Whether you want a two-day or ten-day training, we work with you to deliver results.

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