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F.A.Q. for Prospective Students

  • What is a cohort?

    A Cohort is a group of students taught a specific course by a single instructor.
  • How do the online courses work?

    Our online courses use real-time online classrooms. Each class has a unique meeting room and all of our instructors are trained to maximize student experience while using all available features. You will experience whiteboarding and group activities as you would in an in person classroom, therefore being able to extract the same value you would in an in person session, anywhere in the world – with a laptop on wi-fi connection 🙂
  • What is the salary for Product Managers?

    According to, the average salary for product managers is $130,000. This number can be higher depending on your location, company and previous experience.
  • How much time should I commit?

    The product management training course consists of 40 hours of class time and 16 hours of guest lectures during 8 weeks. In addition to the classes, plan on spending 3-5 hours outside of class each week working on homework assignments and your Final Project.
  • What is the Product Management Certification?

    When product management was first introduced, the only available training was in the form of articles, presentations, and books. By reading these resources, many grasped the iterative nature of product management but missed the principles and practices that are necessary for successful implementation. In response, Product School developed the Product Management Certification (PMC™).
  • Who is eligible to apply to Product School?

    We welcome applications from talented professionals who live close to one of our 15 campuses worldwide or are willing to study online.
  • How is Product School different from other product management training programs?

    All of our instructors are active professionals at top technology companies. The program is hands-on, designed to be compatible with your work schedule and geared towards helping you transition successfully into a product role, or expand your knowledge and hone your skills while already in the industry.

F.A.Q for Alumni

  • Where can I access the job portal link?

    You can access our job portal here:
  • Why is my LMS account inactive?

    Once you completed the course, your account will be deactivated automatically. We offer our alumni lifetime access, all you have to do is send a request to to receive proper credentials.
  • How do I provide my employer with a background check?

    Your certificate should be enough to fulfill this requirement – if not, we’ll be happy to respond to any inquiries at