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Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager
Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager

Bringing Product Cultures Together by LearnVest PM

Every company has it. In some companies, it’s more recognizable than others but it’s there. You can spot it in the way employees interact, what the office looks like and what the company values, ethics or expectations are. The thing we’re talking about is culture. It’s the vibe you feel when you enter the door.

Company culture is what you can call the company’s personality. Some companies are more team-based while others are formal. How do they create this atmosphere and bring different product cultures together? Head of Product at LearnVest explains.



Head of Product at LearnVest

Vivek Bedi is the Head Of Product at LearnVest and the Head of Consumer Digital Products at Northwestern Mutual. With a keen focus on clients, Vivek drives transformational and organizational evolution, innovation and operational efficiency while fostering an engaging team culture. 

Prior to his current role, Vivek was the Senior Vice President of Digital Product and Platform Management at Sterling Talent Solutions. Before that, he was Senior Vice President of Product Management at Goldman Sachs. He holds a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. 


Bringing People Together

A big part of product management success is bringing various cultures together, around people, process and innovation. Vivek discussed how he brought two cultures together to come up with a bold, brave, yet balanced, “third” culture. The new culture? One of taking risks, being okay with failing and focusing on innovation, while keeping clients’ financial lives at the heart of it all. 

Vivek tackled how to change mindsets, get buy-in from stakeholders, how to work across two different regions and how he has transformed the company to go from 100 digital releases a year to 1,000! His talk leaves you with skills to help you become a better negotiator, evangelist and product manager that can get things done!

Bringing Product Cultures Together by LearnVest PM


Bullet Points:

  • What does company culture mean?
  • Changing the company culture is difficult.
    • Small changes are what makes the big difference.
    • Can’t convince people to change.
  • What is change?
    • Word of mouth.
    • Incremental.
    • Creative.
    • Following.
    • Trusted.
  • The 6 levers at LearnVest:
    • Formal: Leadership, clear roles and rewarding people.
    • Informal: Changing behaviors, role models and networks.
  • The most important thing for change is that people are open to it.
  • Reasons for the change at LearnVest in the first place?
    • Bad user experience.
    • Lacked: mobile presence, pre-client experience, sharing tools, self-service tools, etc.
  • How did they make the change?
    • Switched project management to product management, meaning that they went from a business and tech approach to consumer, business, and digital approach.
    • Changed the waterfall methodology to agile.
  • What did they change?
    • The way they work.
    • The team structure.
    • Their approach.
    • The way they release and engage their users.


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