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From Fashion Retail to Home Repair by Home Depot PM

There are as many explanations for what a Product Manager does as there are companies. The job description changes considerably from business to business. With this in mind, how different is it jumping from fashion retail to home repair as a product manager? Product Manager at The Home Depot joined us for a live chat

Focus on the Roadmap by former Amazon Product Manager

A product roadmap is a powerful planning technique to describe the expected growth of the product, determine the long- and short-term goals and align the stakeholders. It can be difficult to put together at times but it's extremely useful to have and, if done well, easy to follow. Joseph Montano, former Product Manager at Amazon, joined

10 Lessons Learned as Slack’s First Product Manager

As the first ever Product Manager at now hyper-growth Slack, Kenneth Berger has learned a thing or do about how to make a product successful. In our recent webinar, he shared with us 10 of the many lessons he's learned along the way. Also, check out our previous blog post with Kenneth on how you

Life as an Associate Product Manager at Google

How to get into product management through a rotational scheme or how important is a technical background for a PM? Important questions, often asked. And we got all the answers in our recent live chat with Google APM - read on to discover his insights and some top book recommendations too! Frank Long Frank Long

Bringing Product Cultures Together by LearnVest PM

Every company has it. In some companies, it's more recognizable than others but it's there. You can spot it in the way employees interact, what the office looks like and what the company values, ethics or expectations are. The thing we're talking about is culture. It's the vibe you feel when you enter the door.