I took the class in July/August 2016. What I liked the most about this solid and ambitious course, is the fact that you will not just learn how to land a Product Manager job. You will also learn or brush up on so many skills that will be very useful whatever it is the next thing that you want to do in your career. Public speaking, presentation skills, breaking down complex problems, doing estimations, analytics, choosing the right KPIs are all skills that will serve you well in a variety or roles in any company. And you will also learn the tricks of the trade from instructors who are currently working as Product Managers. I was lucky to have Mohammad Musa as instructor, and Fred Radford for one day covering for Moh. Both very professional and very passionate about the subject, they offered invaluable insights. The classmates were also great. People coming from an engineering, marketing or program management backgrounds, and even entrepreneurs with their own startups. Very diverse, and very fun. I have no reservations in recommending Product School.
Francesco Pugliano