Richard F.

=== Overview === I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to transition into Product Management. ┬áRemember though that: [ what you put in (effort + contributions) = outcome ] I wrote this to the PM facilitating at the last day of class: “Thank you again… Read More

David K.

I rate Product School 5 stars on content, instructors, networking, and resources. Those are the criteria I cared about when selecting Product School and my class turned out great, an excellent value for the price. I evaluated other options such as an Executive MBA at UCB or a class at… Read More

Ryan C.

I’m reviewing from the New York office, but I’m SO happy with the team that I wanted to make sure their praises were sung on both coasts. Like most people here, Product School has been the perfect resource for what I’ve needed. It’s given me the skill set, the network,… Read More

Jen C.

This review is based on my experience going through this program early last year. I was in the 2nd “cohort” or the 2nd session Product School had. Since the program was fairly new at the time, I was a bit wary going into it, but it turned out great! These… Read More