Jeroen Goddijn

Let me tell you about the time I went to Product School… I signed up for the weekend cohort that started July 9, 2016 on the San Francisco campus. I doubted between the weekday cohort and the weekend cohort for a while, but finally decided on the weekend… Read More

Dan Clark

I highly recommend Product School to those interested in furthering their product management skills. Product School will provide you with a solid foundation in product management within 8 weeks. Like others have said, the course is demanding, and you get out of it what you put into it. Read More

Peter Ng

Product School is not only for people who want to transition to be Product Managers, but also for experienced product manager to reinforce their skill sets and advance their careers. I signed up for the Summer weekend cohort started in mid-June 2016 in its new Silicon Valley location. Read More

John K.

I took the Product School class in New York, taught by Rayyan. Each week, we tackled a different aspect of product management, from scrum/working with developers to product marketing. The discussions were engaging, and I met a lot of great classmates. For me, the best part of the class was… Read More