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Trust the Engineering Team by Reddit Product Manager

What is the ideal Product Manager? Obsessed with the customer, a convincing communicator and capable of making decisions based on data. These are all crucial qualities, but on top of them, a Product Manager has to trust their engineering team 100%. Product Manager at Reddit shared key qualities and major responsibilities you'll need in a

Putting Customer Feedback to Action by Zendesk Growth Leader

Everybody knows how important customer feedback is for a product. It doesn't matter if the feedback is negative or positive, it's all needed to improve the product and to make it the best it can be. This is all clear, but how can you put the customer feedback to action and use it to your

Managing IoT Products with TechProductManagement Founder

IoT products are constantly evolving the way we utilize technology to make our lives easier. But building and managing an IoT product takes a different kind of experience and skill. IoT expert Daniel Elizalde shared his knowledge with our community, including the challenges, how to be successful, the top five important elements and more. Daniel

10 Commandments in Product Management by LinkedIn PM

To break into Product Management you need a certain set of skills, experience in the industry and some technical knowledge. Once you get a job you still need to figure out the secrets of doing the job right. What are the Product Management rules that you haven't heard of yet?  Here is the inside info

Applying Customer Feedback to Your Product by UserVoice CEO

User feedback is what ultimately guides the direction of your product, and getting the right feedback is imperative to Product Managers. The key, however, is knowing where to get it and how to apply it to build a better product for people. “We never have all the data. But, we can employ strategies to reduce both the

Think Like a Product Manager by VP of Product at Lynda (LinkedIn)

Thinking like a Product Manager won’t come easily to people without the right frameworks and mindset. There are four mindsets when approaching ideation, creation, and delivery of high-value products that Product Managers need to know how to balance. Ken Sandy shared with us what these mindsets are.   Product Consultant and Executive

Prioritize for Success with Flipkart’s Product Manager

A majority of product managers list prioritization as their biggest challenge. Knowing it can set your product up for success or failure; how do you build, rank and prioritize a product roadmap with multiple stakeholders, limited resources, and missing data to back decisions? Flipkart’s former Product Manager shared how you can overcome these challenges.  

Monetizing a Gaming Product with Playstation’s Product Manager

How is gaming Product Management different from the conventional Product Management? How about monetizing gaming products? In the era of smart touch screen phones most of the games are free so where do gaming companies get money? Gaming product manager at Playstation gives insight to this modern field.   Gaming Product Manager

Challenges Non-Tech Product Managers Face by Warby Parker PM

While it can be intimidating for people without technical backgrounds to jump into a technical environment, there is amazing potential to affect change and act as a multiplier. Technical product manager at Warby Parker gave his best insight on how you can be the product genius who is good at everything and bad at nothing.

Product Management Events February 2017

This February we have more amazing Product Management events coming up for everyone. There’s a great mix of “Ask me anything” events featuring speakers from Spotify, Netflix, Uber and Facebook just to mention a few.     Check out all our events for February below:   New York Wednesday, February 1st Product Management Happy