Product Management Events February 2017

This February we have more amazing Product Management events coming up for everyone. There’s a great mix of “Ask me anything” events featuring speakers from Spotify, Netflix, Uber and Facebook just to mention a few.     Check out all our events for February below:   New York Wednesday, February 1st Product Management Happy

5 Things to Avoid as a Product Manager

We spend a lot of time sharing ideas and information about the skills you need in product management, how to break into the industry, find your dream job and what to do once you're in. What we don't always bring up are all the things that are imperative to avoid at all costs, especially if

5 Ways to Stay Highly Motivated in 2017

As of January 1st we are almost certain you have put together a few resolutions, maybe even a long list of things you plan on starting, stopping, changing and improving. If switching your career path and pivoting into product management falls on that list, here’s a few things you can do to focus on

Best in 2016 on the Product Management Blog

Thanks to our partners, friends, and our entire community, last year was huge for all of us at Product School with the opening of two new campuses and hosting dozens of product management events.  2016 was a great year for the Product Management blog as well; our viewership increased by 56% as we shared the newest

The Ingredients Found in Every Successful Product

Every great product started with an awesome idea and people who were skilled and motivated enough to see it through. There are ideas and products everywhere, but only a handful survive or thrive in the market. Some of them are just lucky. However, a great deal of those survivors are

4 Types of Tools Product Managers Use Every Day

The most successful product managers are organized and focused. If you have an organized mind you can communicate more clearly, and being a great communicator is the key to success as a product manager. Here are all the types of tools that most product managers have in their tool belt and suggestions for apps and websites

How to Talk to Customers and Users

One of the most important parts of being a PM happens outside of the office. Product Managers will often hear the phrase, “Get out of the building.” This means to step outside of the office and spends time with your customers and listen to what they need, how they manage their day-to-day and understand their

5 Qualities of Great Product Managers

There are many important qualities of a good Product Manager. But what makes a product manager great? Someone who is a powerful motivator and can lead a team to build awesome products. Here are five of the many qualities that are important to making things happen and inspiring others. 

How to Work with Developers

The success of a product depends on how well you work with your development team. Especially since these are the guys that turn your ideas and designs into actual products and features. Even though they need to be more technically skilled than the PM, they still rely heavily on the Product manager to get their job