Unleash Your Leader Within with Slack’s 1st ever PM

Some people are born leaders. Some people become leaders. But what is certain is that leadership comes from within. Our expert voice Kenneth Berger spends most of his time discovering leaders in startups. He was the first ever Product Manager at Slack, also worked at Adobe so he knows the… Read More

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Using Design Thinking in Product with former EE PM

How did you transition to a PM role?¬†What have your failures or apparent ones taught you in your career? How can design thinking inform new feature decisions? Former EE PM Neil “sat down” with our Slack community members and answered all these burning questions in an #AskMeAnything live chat session. Read More


10 Commandments in Product Management by LinkedIn PM

To break into Product Management you need a certain set of skills, experience in the industry and some technical knowledge. Once you get a job you still need to figure out the secrets of doing the job right. What are the 10 commandments of Product Management you haven’t… Read More


Trust the Engineering Team by Reddit Product Manager

What is the ideal Product Manager? Obsessed with the customer, a convincing communicator and capable of making decisions based on data. These are all crucial qualities, but on top of them, a Product Manager has to trust their engineering team 100%. Product Manager at Reddit shared key qualities and major… Read More


Managing IoT Products with TechProductManagement Founder

IoT products are constantly evolving the way we utilize technology to make our lives easier. But building and managing an IoT product takes a different kind of experience and skill. IoT expert Daniel Elizalde shared his knowledge with our community, including the challenges, how to be successful, the top five… Read More