#ProductCon LA Summary: Presentations + Videos

#ProductCon LA: Product Psychology by Samantha Stevens, Tinder Director of Product Management

#ProductCon LA: Blockchain in Product Management by Jason Robert, HelloSugoi Co-Founder & CEO


#ProductCon LA: Human Ingenuity in VR/AR Products by Kathleen Cohen, The Walt Disney Company fmr Sr. Producer


#ProductCon LA: The SaaS Product Manager by Guy Assedou, Playstation fmr Product Manager


#ProductCon LA: Break Your Own Product Rules by Ryan Mick, Tinder Designer and Product Manager


#ProductCon LA: Building Products with Empathy by Loren Khulusi, DollarShaveClub Sr. Product Manager

#ProductCon LA: 5 Truths in Life and Product Management by Ariel Butters, Omaze fmr PM


#ProductCon LA: Being a Product Manager for Enterprise Products by Giovanni Gardelli, Snapchat PM


#ProductCon LA: Marketplace Product Management by Wag fmr Product Lead

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