4 Tips to Write a Product Manager Resume Recruiters Will Notice

Your resume is your first point of contact with a potential employer. It is important that you prove that you are ready for a product management job. Not just by presenting valuable experiences, but also by applying product manager skills when writing your resume. How can you build a dedicated product manager resume?

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Tips to write a Product Manager Resume

Recruiter Search Optimization

First, according to experienced recruiters and hiring managers, you only have a few seconds to capture their interest or be put aside. Think of them as Google’s crawler looking for relevance in your resume. Therefore, it is important that you find out what keywords they’re looking for in a PM resume. This way, you can find and optimize your content accordingly.


Show that you’re data-driven

As a product manager, you are expected to make decisions based on data. You can display your capabilities by quantifying the accomplishments that you decide to put in your PM resume. Additionally, this will help the reader estimate the impact of your accomplishments.


Be lean

In product management, if it does not generate a quantifiable value it might as well be considered waste. The same goes for product manager resumes. Avoid using buzzwords to make yourself or your statements seem more impressive, recruiters can see right through that and won’t hesitate to discard your resume if there’s ambiguity about your capabilities to perform.


Use influencers

Customers put more trust in recommendations by acquaintances than those by brands. Send your PM resume through a current employee of the company you’re applying to. That way, you won’t be just an anonymous applicant. They will associated you with the person you used as a messenger. Finally, they might even put up a good word for you!


It seems counter-intuitive that a document that receives such a limited attention from recruiters requires so much work from your part. Yet, think about it as giving hiring managers’ the best possible customer experience with your resume. Everybody wins: they easily find what they want and you get a called for an interview.

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