Checklist: Prepare for the Product Manager Interview

Applying for Product Manager Positions? We have all been there, and we all know it can be intimidating to get started. The important thing is to jump in prepared. Build the most for your future opportunities and hit the ground running. Before you begin, make sure you check these critical points:

Product Manager Interview

Getting the Product Manager Interview:

  • Buy a domain if you don’t have one this week. Use sites like SquareSpace to get a personal website and blog up quickly.
  • Add at least 5 blog articles over the next 5 weeks
  • Update your resume
  • Include the product management tools you are familiar with
  • Publish your resume on your personal website
  • Make your LinkedIn scream “Product”
    • Publish any articles you wrote about product on LinkedIn and Medium and share them on LinkedIn
    • Ask for recommendations from your Product School instructor
    • Include an article or post about your features project during the course at PS
    • Fill in your description about your passion and why you want to work in product
  • Clean up social media accounts
  • Build a product and be ready to discuss your processes in depth.
  • Network with fellow students and in Slack Channels


Before the Product Manager Interview:

  • Collect, study and practice your response to interview questions
  • Become a product manager – make yourself the product
  • Clean up any portfolios or mockups you plan to bring with you


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