How to Get a Product Management Job at LinkedIn

They say that LinkedIn is the dream employer. They put a lot of time and effort into each person’s success in the company and care about everyone’s well being. They motivate their employees to reach their goals and they have very few bad managers in the company.The culture within the company is young, trusting and vibrant, and they embrace diversity because it’s what makes them unique.

If that wasn’t enough to reassure you to apply for a job at LinkedIn and see it for yourself they also hold monthly InDays where they “ encourage their employees to explore new ideas, volunteer for special causes and invest in whatever inspires them.” If you want to join this awesome and diverse team, here’s how you can do it:


How to Get a Product Management Job at LinkedIn


Skills needed at LinkedIn

Previous experience. Depending on the job you want the required experience in a Product Management or equivalent role is somewhere between 4 years (for a Product Manager role) and 10+ years (for a Group Product Manager role.) Make sure you’re also experienced in building web products and have the ability to drive product planning, development and launch.

Technical background. In addition to possessing really good communication skills LinkedIn wants the applicants to understand technical subjects and emerging technologies and their relevance to the marketplace. You should a hold a BS degree in a technology-related field.

Knowledge. Because the Internet is fast moving and always changing LinkedIn wants the applicants to understand the most recent trends in consumer web usage. They should be experienced in social media and be informed of the Internet, emerging web technologies and community building.

Abilities. Be capable of managing and leading highly cross-functional teams and to communicate to both technical and non-technical audiences in a clear manner. If on top of everything you’re also passionate with a good sense of humor, like collaborating, and are driven to deliver results go ahead and apply for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn user. When applying for a job at LinkedIn it’s an advantage to be a LinkedIn user yourself and follow the news and updates related to LinkedIn. If you’re not a user then at least do your research and find out what their mission, vision, strategy, culture, and values are.


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Interview questions at LinkedIn

Prepare yourself to answer questions about the challenges that Product Managers face every day. Here are a few examples to help you out:

A/B testing – How would you test a LinkedIn feature when you don’t have any data to base the decision off of?
Acquisition –  Describe how would you pitch Microsoft CEO that LinkedIn is a good acquisition.
Experience– What are your two main product management principles? How would you use your experience in Business to help LinkedIn? (If you have an MBA.)
Improvements – What improvements would you make to the site? How would you improve the signing process of LinkedIn?
Insight – What is the LinkedIn feature that you love?
Metrics and KPI’s – What are some main KPI’s for project X?
Production – At what point is the product ready for production?


How to Get a Product Management Job at LinkedIn


The interview process

Over 80,000 job applications are sent to LinkedIn every year but not all of them are qualified to go forward. However, it’s important to know what to expect before starting the whole process. Here’s what the interview process is roughly like.

  • Takes 1-3 months
  • Send out an online application
  • Phone screening with the recruiter
  • Interview call with the hiring Product Manager
  • Onsite interview with the team members such as the Engineering Manager, Data Science Manager, and Product Managers from various teams (takes a few hours, be prepared.)


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Resume – Work on your LinkedIn profile

Funny enough because LinkedIn was built for professional to connect, network and achieve more in their careers the best thing you can do in terms of resume is to update your LinkedIn profile. Use it as your resume and make it great. Here are a couple of tips on how to do that best.

  • Set a professional looking picture of yourself
  • Fill in your full job history
  • Add your education
  • Build your connections network (the more robust the better)
  • Interact with your connections in the comments area
  • Post small blog posts, project, presentations or even short videos to show off your knowledge and skills.’
  • Follow LinkedIn to show interest in them and keep updated with the latest news


How to Get a Product Management Job at LinkedIn


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