3 Myths about Becoming a Product Manager

Myths about how to become a product manager
Some beliefs about becoming a product manager are as false as a horse with a cardboard horn

Before becoming Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai was the VP of Product. Product managers are not to be taken for granted. This trending career has been attracting more professionals every year. However attractive it may be, we’re here to set the truths apart from the myths about product management.


It is easy for software developers to become product managers

Technical skills are critical for product managers in the tech industry. Plus, there are reasons why software developers can become great product managers. However, none of this says that it will be easy for programmers to make the career transition. Business expertise and design skills are as important as technical knowledge when it comes to product management.


Becoming a product manager comes with a big paycheck raise

Even though product management is among the highest paid jobs for a good reason, that does not mean that you’ll get paid big bucks off the bat. Software engineers who transition to a product manager position often times make the same or less money (initially). What’s important to keep in mind is why you’re doing this. Product management is an incredibly fulfilling career. The money will come with time.


Product management is the same wherever you work

All product managers have a holistic view of the product’s strategy and development. Nevertheless, the specific tasks and responsibilities depend highly on the company. Whilst at Google the products are managed with a lot of independence by each product manager, at Apple the product strategy and vision is set by a small group at the top of the organization, and at a startup product managers can even have an influence on the company’s culture.

The road to becoming a product manager comes with a lot of challenges, work, and even more satisfaction for those who are successful. You must be aware that it is not an easy endeavor. The reason for the existence of Product School is to offer guidance and support to those who decide to take this path. So far its been a wonderful ride and we hope to continue preparing top professionals for what we believe is the career of the future.

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