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Webinar Recap: Advice for Aspiring Product Managers on How to Transition

During yesterday’s webinar, we¬†talked about¬†what skills or mindset you need to get a job in product management, what to expect during the hiring process and some advice for aspiring product managers.

Product Management Webinar

Here is a quick recap on the advice for aspiring product managers:

What is Product Management?¬†– “We define product management as the¬†intersection between engineering, business, and design.”

Carlos went into depth discussing the hiring process, from who you will be competing with to the average percentage of companies that will review your resume and what to expect during each step of the hiring process, including one of the final steps Рa homework assignment and what you will need to deliver.

He mentions three main skills needed to get the job:

  1. Industry experience
  2. Be able to have a conversation with a software engineering team
  3. Communication skills – knowing how to explain things or influence people

He also discusses that¬†while an MBA is a good experience and the more you learn the better, you don’t need an MBA to get a job in product management.


Wisdom for aspiring product managers?

“If you want to prove you can build products, you have to start by building products.”

“Whatever it is that you want to do, just do it. And then you will keep learning more and more.”


Make sure you watch it to the end where we address some questions posted by guests in the comments section:

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