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From Software Engineer to Senior Product Manager

Hear Shubba’s journey from Software Engineer to Senior Product Manager

Shubba is part of the growing Product School alumni community. She evolved from the position of Software Engineer to Product Manager. In fact, engineers are not the only professionals making this move. Other data-oriented graduates from Business Studies, experienced IT practitioners, designers and even financial masters are taking the Product Management route.

Product School courses target your core skills to make you a successful product expert. How? Through courses developed and taught by actual Product Managers. The emphasis on practical knowledge gets students ready to focus on their existing skills. For instance, software engineers on product will benefit from their IT experience. All students are trained to crack the PM interview, and succeed at their new positions.

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‚ÄúI¬†enrolled in Product School‚Äôs Product Management course, and¬†now I am a Senior Product Manager at Schoolzilla”.

Shuba Software Engineer Product Manager

Product School was my first step into the Product Management world in San Francisco. Having just moved from India less than two months ago, where I had worked as a Software Engineer and a Product Manager, I wanted to build a network and have more decision-making power on the product strategy of the company. Product Management allowed me to do that and a lot more.

All my instructors had real-world experience working as Product Managers at big tech Companies like Google, Uber, LinkedIn, or founding smaller startups. They were extremely well versed with Product Management tools and practices. They have a very friendly and practical way of presenting the material, and can be very helpful for public speaking and improving interpersonal skills too.

They were also great in helping me¬†adapt my resume, LinkedIn profile, personal website¬†and prepare for job interviews. They connected¬†me to several companies looking for Product Management candidates.‚ÄĚ

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