[VIDEO] Product Management, Coding & Data Analytics Courses

Product Management, one of the hottest career paths in tech, is in high demand here in Silicon Valley. However, it is really difficult to find PMs. Companies are not certain which type of training fits the role. Should applicants be software engineers with business experience? Or business graduates with some IT skills? At the same time, landing a product management job is really tricky. It is always a challenge getting the product management transition right. How can you trust the hundreds of freemium resources out there? Is self-training a good option? This product management training video might clarify some of your questions.

The training gap explains why Product School CEO Carlos González de Villaumbrosía, featured on the video below, launched Product School. Product School is a unique project, involved in intensively training the next generation of PMs. As he explains on the video, there are two fundamental components to proper PM training.

First, the hard skills. The course will explain how to interact with engineers, designers and business teams. As any Product Management trainee will know, the process requires team collaboration. As the video shows, It is impossible to survive in the product world without understanding how the different parts fit into the whole.

The second part of the training focuses more on soft skills. That is, public speaking, resume review, mock interviews, and direct connections with expert PMs. These all amount to a solid training in PMing. Check the video below, and head over to the Youtube channel to find out many more product management training videos: webinars, events, conferences…


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