Over the past decade or so, more and more women have been bringing their talents to roles in engineering, design, and product management, and many are excited about what’s happening in the tech industry because of it. We are seeing more women founding, leading and managing teams to build products that people love.

Not only does this drive diversity, this also creates a larger space for growth in the world of tech. 

“Women account for an average of only 30% of employees at tech companies. That share is even lower in areas like product and technology.” – Fortune Magazine

We expect to see that number increase as the year moves on.

And thanks to women like Merci Victoria Grace, (Product Manager for Slack) and Deb Liu (Vice President of Platform and Marketplace for Facebook), who have built and are still building communities of Women in Product, we have further diversified the leaders who are motivating girls and guys everywhere to develop their tech skills.

After years of connecting in a Facebook group, last June, Deb Liu brought the community together in a full conference, sponsored by Facebook and held at Menlo Park, CA. It was a huge success. The conference brought together women in top companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce and more.




In case you’re wondering where you can join/follow these communities, or others like them, here are a few places to check out:

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