Meet the product in product that are building products people use every day, and continue to innovate and push the boundaries of technology.

Product Management From HBO to Ericsson

We had one of our awesome live chat's on Slack this time with the Product Manager at Ericsson, Tibor Popovics. How did he get into product at Ericsson? What were his challenges along the way and how would he advise aspiring Product Managers?   Can you tell us about your background and how you

Live Chat with the Product Manager at Salesforce

How does one get a job as a Product Manager without technical background? What are the dos and don'ts in a PM job interview? What is it like being the Product Manager at a massive company like Salesforce? We had a live chat session on Slack with the Product Manager at Salesforce, Jared Long,

Featured Women Speakers and Instructors

Because it’s International Women’s Day and because we’re thrilled about the opportunities we’ve had to work with some powerful women in product and in tech, we’ve put together this huge thank you, to the women who have led our courses or presentations in product management.     Meet some of our top women instructors

Your Best Stories on Breaking into Product

In product management, we focus a lot on storytelling and sharing ideas, thoughts, strategies. And in our community, it’s no different. That’s why we reached out to everyone to hear their best stories of how and why they became a PM.     The product people we meet always have a ton to say, and

Live Chat with Head of Product at LearnVest

Launching a career in product management can be difficult, from finding the right mentors, building your network, and learning the processes. And there's no single path to landing that perfect job. The secret is in hard work and determination.  That's why it's important to be open to learning from those who've already done it.  That's also

Live Chat with Former VP of Product at Spotify

If you want to get into product management, the best way to learn is to ask questions. Ask as often as possible. That’s why we’ve started weekly AMA sessions in our Slack Community for aspiring product managers or current PM’s who are curious about the processes of others.  This past week we had the

The Women in Product you Should Know

Over the past decade or so, more and more women have been bringing their talents to roles in engineering, design, and product management, and many are excited about what's happening in the tech industry because of it. We are seeing more women founding, leading and managing teams to build products that people love. Not only

Meet Thousands of Awesome People in Product

If you’re a product manager, want to be a product manager, like talking about product management, user experience, design or tech in general, and are interested in meeting like-minded people from various corners of the earth, you’ll want to check this out.

Interview Series: Nir Erlich, Product Manager of

Our latest interview was with Nir Erlich, Product Manager, CEO and Founder of, a popular roadmapping tool. He’s been working in product management for the past 17 years in various companies, including Vario and RayV which was acquired by Yahoo!. Here’s what he had to say about breaking into product management.

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