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Interview Series: Jerome Bland-Sebrien, VP of Product at SERMO

What separates "good" from "great" Product Managers? Since we are in touch with dozens of experienced Product Managers who inspire us to build better products, we thought we'd share the wealth by putting together an interview series. Each week we will be sitting down with top people in product and highly motivated product managers currently breaking into the field. Each one will be full of insights, tips and background information on how they got the job and what product management means to them. Today, we'll start with Jerome Bland-Sebrien. Read More

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5 Common Product Manager Mistakes – The Product Management Blog

Taking on the role of product manager can be overwhelming for many. You jump into various tasks, while demonstrating you can keep it all together and have multiple types of conversations in almost any situation. Although perfecting this balancing act comes with experience, there are a few mistakes many new product managers make, that you can be aware of to start your career off on a high note. Read More

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Answering The Metrics Interview Question with Dave McClure

You should always be ready for the metrics interview question. Just think of this situation. You just received the call; company X has selected you as a candidate for the open Product Management position. Now comes the challenging part, nailing the interview. You might have excellent communication skills. But you are probably not ready to tackle the metrics interview question. Before you go in, review this method using Dave McClure’s Pirate Metrics, AARRR!. Read More

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The Ultimate List of Product Manager Interview Questions

What do companies look for in a new Product Manager? Aside from intellect, smarts, the power to adapt, think and act on their feet? They want a person who is motivated to do the job, can work with multiple types of teams, and has the ability to prioritize features that they already know users are looking for. A product manager has to be resilient, strategic and insightful. Which means the hiring company will ask a multitude of questions to figure out if you are the one. Here is the ultimate list of questions you can expect to be asked in a product management interview for you to prepare and nail it. Read More