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Inside The Mind Of A Product Manager

What goes on inside the mind of a Product Manager? We break it down here, and almost half of it is communication. Check it out below:

Communication 40%

Conductor – Must keep the entire team on track

Motivational Speaker – Must convince & motivate team to work together on one vision

Diplomat – Negotiate & coordinate with different departments for a product release

Smooth Talker – Tactfully communicate progress to higher ups, can turn a roadblock into an insight or even an opportunity


Design 20%

User Advocate – Understands what motivates certain actions of the users.

Sketch Artist – Can take his/her vision and creates an accurate mockup


Engineering 20%

Code Whisperer – Has technical skill or can translate features into developer lingo

Manager – Runs SCRUM meetings and/or assigns work to engineers


Business Acumen 20%

Market Tester – Measures the success of a new product or feature and decides either to scrap it or expand it

Online Marketer – Has a plan to launch products to the market and knows how to get early adopters.


Check out this infographic about the mind of a product manager:


Mind of a product manager

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