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How Do You Become Great in your Job as a Product Manager?

Many aspiring product managers ask us the same variation of one major question: How do you become great in yout job as a product manager? There are multiple ways to answer this question, and we could start with ways to get the job, but first lets get into a few key suggestions.

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Follow Top Resources

Check the book Cracking the PM Interview, from Gayle Laakmann McDowell. It is a great resource to help you understand what Product Management is and how to land a job in the field.

Following¬†blogs and online resources can be helpful, such as Ken Norton‚Äės blog. You can find more resources in The 2016 list of online & offline resources to become a product manager.

There are some Meetups in San Francisco that organize events related with Product Management, like Product Management Fast Track, Product School and Products That Count


Know What Skills are Required

In summary, there are 3 critical skills you have to develop in order to get a job as a Product Manager in the software field, independently of what channel you use to find recruiters:

  1. Technical Background
  2. Industry Domain
  3. Communication Skills


Know How to Prove Yourself

Does an MBA guarantee a job as a Product Manager? No, but it helps to prove your business background and communication skills. Does coding knowledge guarantee a job as a Product Manager? No, but it helps to prove your technical background. Can you get a job as a Product Manager in the software field without a technical background? Maybe, although we are strong believers that an excellent PM needs to understand code and be able to have a conversation with the Engineering Team at every level.

These key points tie together to get you started in the right direction. We will continue to publish more resources and information to help you along the way.

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