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Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager
Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager

The Product Manager’s Manifesto

The Product Manager's manifesto - Product SchoolThe Product Manager’s Manifesto

– I am a hustler. I will get shit done. I will ship. I will find a way – no ifs, no buts. I will prioritize ruthlessly. I will fail fast and learn fast. I have razor sharp focus. No excuses.

– I will speak clearly and concisely. I will adapt to my audience. I won’t be afraid to say NO. I will speak with presence.

– I will treat whatever I touch as a product. I am a product. I will find my voice. I will stay true to my personal brand. I will get out and talk to the people I’m building products for.

– I will bring energy to the team. I will be genuine. I will be transparent. I won’t kiss ass. I will avoid business jargon. No ego. I will stay up with the team to show support. I will bring donuts in the morning after a hard day’s night. I will strive to remove any obstacles and any answer questions. I will protect my team from distractions. I will run meetings efficiently. I will respect their time.

– I will be scrappy. I will take risks. I will take the blame. I will deflect the praise to the team.  I will sweat the details. I will not commit for the team. I will involve the team early. I won’t hide information. I will trust the team.

– I will constantly seek to improve. I will ask questions. I will strive to keep learning. I will never get too comfortable with my job. I will step outside my comfort zone. I won’t be afraid to get my hands dirty. I will do the things no one else wants to do.

– I am an evangelist of my product. I will show passion for my product. I will communicate the vision.

– I will build the right thing and I will build it right.

– I will hustle. I will ship. I will.


Medha Ghatikesh is an Android Engineer with a passion for Products; a Master’s degree in Product Management and Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. She enrolled the Product Management Course at Product School, and after graduation, she shared with us The Product Manager’s Manifesto.