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Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager
Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager

Product Development Process by Spotify Product Manager

With so many different components to take into consideration, building awesome products can sometimes be challenging. How has Spotify tackled this problem? And what is their recipe for a streamlined product development process? Senior Product Manager at Spotify shared all the dirty secrets and explained in more detail the role of a product manager.



Senior Product Manager at Spotify

Miles Lennon has been developing software products at early and growth-stage companies for about ten years. He is currently a Senior Product Manager at Spotify, where he focuses on developing tools for artists to grow their careers.

Previously, he led Spotify’s social product area; a small product group focused on connecting friends, tastemakers and artists around music. Before that, he led product development for GameGround and, both of which were early-stage, VC-backed startups in the NYC area.


Product Development Process

Companies treat the role of product management differently. Miles shared how they articulate the product development process at Spotify. He gave a high-level overview of the whole process and explained in detail the role of a Product Manager. 

Product Development Process by Spotify Product Manager


Bullet Points:

  • Who are Spotify’s customers?
    • Artists, labels, consumers, creators/the industry, advertisers and Spotify developers.
    • When doing product at Spotify, you could be servicing entirely different customers depending on what space you’re in and the products you’re building can be completely different.
  • What does Spotify consider as its products?
    • Features, content sets, revenue products, ads, subscription business, artist products, partner products, platforms and frameworks.
  • Product lifecycle: “Think it, build it, ship it, tweak it.”
    • Think it: Is the benefit worth the cost of doing it? Keeping the costs low when doing product discovery and research.
    • Build it: Prototypes are done and tested. Quality code and quality design.
    • Ship it: MVP is done and relayed to a small percentage of the users. Rollout marketing and PR dashboards.
    • Tweak it: Optimization and cost reduction.
  • Discovering new opportunities:
  • Spotify culture: “We believe in shared understanding and that ideas can come from anywhere.”
  • Tools
  • What Spotify expects of Product Managers:
    • Learning.
    • Relating.
    • Choosing the opportunity.
    • Framing.
    • Pathing.
  • Tech and design accountability at Spotify
    • Technical delivery against commitments (deadlines and milestones).
    • Technical quality, scalability, stability, etc.
    • UX which meets strategic goals and product requirements/hypotheses.


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