It’s easy to get to your workspace, grab a coffee and jump on your computer to start checking emails, respond to a few and work on those “5-minute” tasks. However, after an hour flies by, many quickly realize this is not the most productive way to set yourself up to get shit done.


Get shit done


We wanted to pull together insights on how to do more with your morning. This week we reached out to all the Product Managers in our Slack Community to see how they spend the first 30 minutes at their desk. Which sparked a conversation on best practices and tools to get your day started right.


First 30 minutes of your day?

As long as nothing went wrong the night before. partyparrotHope nothing broke


Seriously though, let’s talk about staying organized and setting the right goals. 


Review the breakdown of your tasks

Then practice “Ruthless Prioritization” – Robert

There are tons of product management tools to help you stay organized. Whiteboards are a great way to organize yourself and make sure you don’t miss anything that’s urgent, needs planning or you need to follow up on. Trello is another way to stay on top of things; you can add lists and cards with color-coded labels, which keep you on track. They are easy to check every morning so you can outline your day. 

Ruthless Prioritization



Make sure your list is clear and concise

For you and your team

Along with prioritizing your day, it’s important to make sure your team is on the same page. So once you’ve reviewed your calendars, check out what you have on the roadmap for your team. One of the common strategies we see from the most productive product managers is breaking down tasks by the size of the project. This is a huge tip and will make your life much easier, and keep you and your team accountable per project, every time.


Task breakdown



Tackle the biggest project first

It’s often better to get the most intimidating project done right away in the morning. Once you have your priorities set, and your team ready to go, taking on the largest task, or “eating the biggest frog first” allows you the time make sure it gets done on schedule. Then you can more easily adapt to any emergencies or last minute meetings or requests.


Start with something creative

Another way to kick start the day is by jumping into a task that gets your inspiration flowing. Take the time to tackle a design project, outline some ideas, thoughts, writings, or even take the time to read sites or blogs that motivate your innovative side.


Take a quick look on Product Hunt

One of the most popular platforms in product and love by product managers all over the world is Product Hunt.  If you’re not familiar with it yet, click over to their site immediately. It’s full of product launches, ideas, projects and reviews from people who are passionate about building things that bring customer delight.



Prepare the night before

By the end of the day, tasks that need to get done the next day are usually still fresh in your mind. It’s a great idea to start your tomorrow, today. As Daniel and Larry mention, in 5 minutes, you can have a quick list already



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