How to Get a Product Management Job at LinkedIn

They say that LinkedIn is the dream employer. They put a lot of time and effort into each person’s success in the company and care about everyone’s well being. They motivate their employees to reach their goals and they have very few bad managers in the company.The culture within the company is young, trusting and

Build Something with Upside Travel Product Manager

Breaking into Product can be easy or difficult depending on your background. You need to have the skills, the experience, the knowledge... and one thing that will definitely help you is if you've built something. Showing the passion and dedication to your side project plays an important role in getting selected for the job. Alex

17 Best Product Management Tools Effective Teams (Actually) Use in 2017

If you’re a product manager or planning on becoming one, your company is going to rely on you to ensure that their products are well designed, functional and perform as intended. Product managers are often responsible for the strategy, roadmap and features that’ll be included in product releases, which is a lot of responsibility.

5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Understand Data

In Product Management, the most important things are to be able to work with your team and understand who you are building for and why. How do you get to know your customers? And how do you develop the ability to communicate with everyone? The key is building up your skillset as much as

How to Get a Product Management Job at Spotify

Spotify needs no special introduction. Everybody knows that it’s a cool company that changed the way we listen to music. Originally from Sweden, they now have offices in 20 countries. Because it’s such an international company the culture within the company is very diverse and always changing. If you want to become one of

5 Steps to Become a Product Manager While Working Full-Time

Let’s face it. The path to becoming a product manager can seem daunting. Get this certification, take that course, build your skills, network with the right people, impress them enough to land an interview—then actually live up to all the expectations. It’s one thing to become a product manager, but it’s an entirely different

Standardizing vs. Personalizing by TaskRabbit PM

The road to product management can be long or short, complicated or easy, intended or unintended or anything in between. Whichever it is every Product Manager has their unique story to tell about it. How did the Senior Product Manager at TaskRabbit end up working as in product management and what are his challenges

Organization Size & Product Management by Xero PM

Would you choose to work in a small or a large company? Honestly, who wouldn’t want to work at massive companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google. But how does the day-to-day life as a Product Manager in these companies actually differ from working in a small tech start-up company? And ultimately does size matter?

Stay in the Industry Loop with These 3 Hacks

Things happen fast in the tech world, just look at Product Hunt and the never-ending awesomeness they have in collections of tools, apps, hacks and the latest “everything you need to know about xyz.” It can be difficult to stay in the industry loop. It’s important to keep up and know exactly where to

Live Chat with the Product Manager at Salesforce

How does one get a job as a Product Manager without technical background? What are the dos and don'ts in a PM job interview? What is it like being the Product Manager at a massive company like Salesforce? We had a live chat session on Slack with the Product Manager at Salesforce, Jared Long,

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