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Scoring Your Dream Job with former Facebook PM

How do you align senior stakeholders, engineers and salespeople around the product vision? What do you need to transition into a Product Manager role; what are the biggest challenges once you got it? And what is working at one of the largest companies in the world actually like? Former Facebook PM told us everything in

Building a Great Product Roadmap by eBay Director of Product

Great product roadmaps require the right trade-offs, well-thought-out prioritization, strong execution rigour and above all, success metrics. If used properly, it can be a very powerful tool, showing the direction the product is likely to grow in. So, how can you build a roadmap, and how do you know if it’s effective?

What to Look for When Hiring a Product Manager By Airbnb PM

Product Managers can very well be described as human Venn diagrams - working across different teams and with broad skill sets. The varied backgrounds of PMs bring unique insights to the role but it can also mean hiring a PM can be challenging. In a recent event a Product Lead at Airbnb shared what she

How to Make Good Product Decisions by XO Group PM

Since Product Managers don't build the actual product, their secret weapon is making good product decisions. From something big like what the new company logo will look like, to smaller things like a line of copy in emails, different factors can affect the decision-making process. Product Manager at The Knot Jennifer Garfield is

How to Transition into Product with former Shutterstock PM

Does a product manager need a technical background? And where does one get inspiration for product ideas? Former PM at Shutterstock offered her valuable insights in our recent live chat - keep scrolling to get answers to questions you didn’t know you had and lots more! Holly Hester-Reilly spent 2 years at Shutterstock, where she led

Product Development Process by Spotify Product Manager

With so many different components to take into consideration, building awesome products can sometimes be challenging. How has Spotify tackled this problem? And what is their recipe for a streamlined product development process? Senior Product Manager at Spotify shared all the dirty secrets and explained in more detail the role of a product manager.  

Being an Associate Product Manager at Twitter

Rotational programs, Associate Product Manager programs, internship programs...there are so many different ways to get into product management that if one doesn’t take you to product management you can try the other. What is it like being an APM at a big company like Twitter and how can one get there? An APM at Twitter

Getting into Product Manager Interviews by OKCupid PM

We've hosted several talks on how to crack the product manager interview, but how do you get to that phase in the first place? There are tactics that go beyond the traditional application process, that can fast-track you to an actual face-to-face interview. So, what's the formula to get your foot in the door?  Product

Following Your Passion vs. What’s Popular by ReWalk Robotics

We are all familiar with Product Management in top tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. But does the job change when you work at a robotics company? The Global Marketing Lead at ReWalk Robotics took part in a live chat to talk about what he does daily and what motivates him in his job.

How To Get a Product Management Job at Facebook

In 2018, Facebook stole the number one spot of Glassdoor’s list of “best places to work.” Its outstanding workplace reputation, vision and values, and of course employee benefits, make Facebook one of the most coveted places to work. It’s no wonder that it is also one of the most competitive places to land a job.