How to Build a Product Marketplace with Yelp Product Manager

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a Product Manager? We held an AMA event a while ago with the Head of Product at Yelp to give the audience a chance to ask every question they’ve ever had about Product Management. Here are the most interesting bits of that session.  

Growth Is a Joint Effort by Box Sr. Product Manager

Growth is essential for every company. Part of finding the best growth strategy is to try things out and A/B test experiences to see what is driving your core metrics. The key is to experiment a lot, fail fast and try again. The product managers from Box and Zenefits talked about what growth is, why it's

How to Break into Fintech with former Amazon Head of Product

What’s the difference between Fintech product management and original product management? What do you need to become a Fintech Product Manager? As we always say, there are many different paths to product management, but there are also different ways of being a product manager. Here is an example of one.   Former

How to Get a Product Management Job at Amazon

Amazon. What is there to say about them that people don’t already know. Amazon is the biggest Internet-based retailer on this planet by total sales and market capitalization. They started as an online bookstore, but since then, they have expanded into other goods. The latest project Amazon has been working on is harnessing A.I. and deep

From Consulting to Product with Insite Apps Product Manager

There are some skills that transfer across from consulting to product management and those that don't, as well as unexpected areas that will require a steep learning curve. Rahul Iyer, Product Manager at InSite Apps, answered questions about product management and talked about his own journey from consulting to product management.   Rahul Iyer Product

From a Developer Role to Product Management with Guess? PM

What is the right background for a Product Manager? There isn't one right answer, but surely, we can all agree that it varies between companies and it'll never hurt to have some coding, data analytics or tech knowledge. Our Slack community presented Product related questions to the Product Manager at Guess? Inc Mobile. He explained

How to Get a Product Management Job at LinkedIn

They say that LinkedIn is the dream employer. They put a lot of time and effort into each person’s success in the company and care about everyone’s well being. They motivate their employees to reach their goals and they have very few bad managers in the company.The culture within the company is young, trusting and

Build Something with Upside Travel Product Manager

Breaking into Product can be easy or difficult depending on your background. You need to have the skills, the experience, the knowledge... and one thing that will definitely help you is if you've built something. Showing the passion and dedication to your side project plays an important role in getting selected for the job. Alex