Here we talk about resume hacks, the PM interview process, how to get a job and ways to make the transition into product management smoother.

Organization Size & Product Management by Xero PM

Would you choose to work in a small or a large company? Honestly, who wouldn’t want to work at massive companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google. But how does the day-to-day life as a Product Manager in these companies actually differ from working in a small tech start-up company? And ultimately does size matter?

Product Management From HBO to Ericsson

We had one of our awesome live chat's on Slack this time with the Product Manager at Ericsson, Tibor Popovics. How did he get into product at Ericsson? What were his challenges along the way and how would he advise aspiring Product Managers?   Can you tell us about your background and how you

Stay in the Industry Loop with These 3 Hacks

Things happen fast in the tech world, just look at Product Hunt and the never-ending awesomeness they have in collections of tools, apps, hacks and the latest “everything you need to know about xyz.” It can be difficult to stay in the industry loop. It’s important to keep up and know exactly where to

Journey to PM: Lessons Along the Way with AWIP

What happens when you put together three female Product Managers from three top companies in tech? A great panel discussion. PM's from Google, Peek, and Facebook shared their thoughts on product management, their experiences in getting into product and lessons they've learnt along the way. They talked about what worked for

Uber PM Talks: How to Crack the PM Interview

Job interview. Is there anything more scary than that? You walk into a room, talk about yourself and your abilities and answer their questions the best way you can. When it's finished, you wait for them to contact you and hope for the best. We've all been there but fear it no more. Here

The 30 Minutes that Can Make or Break your Day

It’s easy to get to your workspace, grab a coffee and jump on your computer to start checking emails, respond to a few and work on those “5-minute” tasks. However, after an hour flies by, many quickly realize this is not the most productive way to set yourself up to get shit done.     We

5 Things to Avoid as a Product Manager

We spend a lot of time sharing ideas and information about the skills you need in product management, how to break into the industry, find your dream job and what to do once you're in. What we don't always bring up are all the things that are imperative to avoid at all costs, especially if

Your Product Manager Resume Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

When you’re going after your next product manager position, you’ll be handing out, emailing and possibly even dropping off your resume in boxes of donuts to companies all over the city and everywhere else online. While 100+ employers may see your resume, a small percentage will read it. The important thing is to stand

How to Break into Product Management: Slack AMA with Carlos

Our community has shown a lot of love for 'Ask Me Anything' themed events, which makes us thrilled about the recent launch of AMA sessions in our Slack Community. We will now be hosting weekly chats with product managers from Tech companies all over the world.     In case you missed out on the first one, we

The Ingredients Found in Every Successful Product

Every great product started with an awesome idea and people who were skilled and motivated enough to see it through. There are ideas and products everywhere, but only a handful survive or thrive in the market. Some of them are just lucky. However, a great deal of those survivors are there because they combined many

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