Introducing the First Coding Course for Managers

We are thrilled to announce we are now offering 8-week part-time Coding courses for Managers in our San Francisco and New York campuses. This is the very first coding course, specifically designed to give product managers the foundational knowledge of code they need to increase their skills and take their career to the next level.

7 Ways Learning Code Helps Product Managers Be Great [Infographic]

As teachers in product management, we get a lot of questions from aspiring and even current product managers. One of the questions we get the most is, “Should a Product Manager know how to code?” There are multiple ways and variations to answer this question from what languages are highly relevant to a PM, to how technical you should actually be. The short answer: coding helps.  There are many ways learning code helps product managers.

When Saying “No” Adds Value

You may have heard this everywhere, but, here it goes again, you will need to have the ability to say “no” to anyone, your customer, your team member, and even your CEO. Not all features have a place on the roadmap, and not everyone has the right data or information to decide when to include something, when to reduce something and when to leave it out altogether. This is why we need product managers. You might need to say “no” when:

5 Common Mistakes New Product Managers Make

Taking on the role of product manager can be overwhelming for many. You jump into various tasks, while demonstrating you can keep it all together and have multiple types of conversations in almost any situation. Although perfecting this balancing act comes with experience, there are a few mistakes many new product managers make, that you can be aware of to start your career off on a high note.

Marketing Your Product

In smaller companies, the product manager also markets the product, while larger companies have an in-house product marketing manager. Either way, it’s important to be aware of what how the product marketing manager approaches marketing. This way, you understand how they do their job and where you can help on marketing your product. 

Checklist: Prepare for the Product Manager Interview

Applying for Product Manager Positions? We have all been there, and we all know it can be intimidating to get started. The important thing is to jump in prepared. Build the most for your future opportunities and hit the ground running. Before you begin, make sure you check these critical points:

Create Actionable User Stories Facebook Developers will Like

When working with developers, it’s your job to remove roadblocks and motivate them to build the product according to Specs. Combine Agile development, scrum and user personas to create user stories, and you get a solid plan of action that’s easy to follow, and reduces the potential for miscommunication on feature design and development.

9 Powerful Women in Product You Should be Following on Twitter

As the role of product manager continues to grow, more and more women are taking on the challenge and dominating it. To celebrate these incredible women in engineering, UX, product development and design, here are 9 powerful women in product that you should be following on Twitter:

The Product Interview Question Answered: How would you prioritize features?

If you’ve made it all the way to getting the interview, you know you’re going to need to talk about prioritizing features and explain how it can be done. Here’s an example of how your answer can be broken down.

4 Ways Product Managers use CRM to Maximize Feature Development

Nowadays, almost every business is running successful campaigns using a customized CRM solution. Customer relationship management systems have been paramount in helping to manage customer information, work sales funnels and organize by timeframes, projects, or features. While mainly used by the sales department, product managers are also relying on the data to build better products. How does this tie into the role of a product manager and how do they use the available features?  

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