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Solving People’s Problems as a Product Manager by Facebook PM

People don't really want products, they want solutions to their problems. This is why it is crucial for a product manager to understand his/her customers' needs completely and be able to solve their problems by using products. It sounds pretty complicated, but it doesn't have to be. In a recent talk, Product Manager at Facebook

The Lean Product Playbook with Dan Olsen

Many of us the product world are familiar with Lean Startup and its valuable concepts, such as product-market fit and the build-measure-learn loop. However, many product teams run into challenges when they try to adopt Lean Startup principles. They find it difficult because teams lack specific guidance on what to do and how to do

Keep the User in Mind by Deloitte Senior Product Manager

What is the most important thing to remember as a Product Manager? According to Roshan Shankar, Senior Product Manager at Deloitte, it's keeping the user in mind at all times. But what else is on that list? Do you need a strong tech background, experience building something or a whole new skillset? Check out what he

Next Generation Tech Insights by former Apple Global Brand Manager

When we think about today's technology, we have advanced in just about everything. From gadgets like smart-phones, laptops, and self-driving cars to machine learning, virtual reality and AI. Much of this new tech has been led by companies like Google and Apple. Where is technology going next and how did we even get here? Former

Digital Product Management by Allstate Digital PM

Back in the day, products were considered tangible objects, like books, games, and appliances. Now, nearly everyone is familiar with and uses digital products, apps, and the cloud. We read ebooks instead of hard copies and pay via mobile apps instead of handing over cash. What does this mean for the market? Jenny Sankovsky from Arity

Treat Your Resume As a Product by eBay Sr. Technical Product Manager

Building your resume can be an overwhelming task. From the layout, design, font styles and your list of experiences. What are the most important factors? Senior Technical Product Manager at eBay advises you to treat your resume as a product. Develop it using the same mindset you would when building a product. Here are other

How to Build a Product Marketplace with Yelp Product Manager

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a Product Manager? We held an AMA event a while ago with the Head of Product at Yelp to give the audience a chance to ask every question they’ve ever had about Product Management. Here are the most interesting bits of that session.  

Growth Is a Joint Effort by Box Sr. Product Manager

Growth is essential for every company. Part of finding the best growth strategy is to try things out and A/B test experiences to see what is driving your core metrics. The key is to experiment a lot, fail fast and try again. The product managers from Box and Zenefits talked about what growth is, why it's

How to Break into Fintech with former Amazon Head of Product

What’s the difference between Fintech product management and original product management? What do you need to become a Fintech Product Manager? As we always say, there are many different paths to product management, but there are also different ways of being a product manager. Here is an example of one.   Former