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Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager
Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager

The Importance of Prioritization by Salesforce Dir. of Product

How do some Product Managers drive innovation while others get mired in the day-to-day? The answer cuts to the core of product management: prioritization. The aim of this event was to help aspiring product managers and current product professionals be more aware of decision making, make better tradeoffs, communicate more clearly and eventually win more. 



Product Leader at Salesforce

Alexander Lovell is a Product Leader and Entrepreneur. He is Director of Product Management for Salesforce Search, the most-used feature on Salesforce. Alexander previously founded and served as COO & Head of Product for Simpatic, a secure messaging platform for small businesses. He started his career as a strategy consultant with L.E.K. Consulting after graduating summa cum laude from UCLA.


The Art of Prioritization

Alexander taught how to be a true Product Leader by separating the urgent from the important. He also discussed how to balance today’s demands against tomorrow’s goals, and realizing nothing is indispensable – but everything has consequences. Alexander talked about how to become conscious of implied tradeoffs and identify hidden consequences. He also shed light on how you can prioritize ruthlessly and communicate hard tradeoffs well.

The Importance of Prioritization by Salesforce Dir. of Product


Bullet Points:

  • “Have to.”
    • You don’t “have to” do anything.
      • You don’t have to go to the grocery store, but you won’t have fresh food at home.
      • You don’t have to obey the speed limit, but you might get a ticket.
    • You are constantly prioritizing with the “have to’s” by making everything you “have to” do your number one priority.
  • Prioritizing as a product leader.
  • Urgent vs. important.
    • “What is important is whatever makes your customers more successful over time.”
    • The first step in differentiating them from one another is recognizing all of your options.
    • Change from unconscious “have to’s” to conscious decisions.
    • Resist distractions.
    • Focus on the important.
    • Make conscious decisions.   
  • Benefits of making conscious decisions.
    • Decide smarter.
      • Frameworks for big decisions: Blue Ocean, Kano Model, and Balanced Scorecard.
      • Internalize and move on.
      • Tools for success every day are less common but more important.
      • Output = Resources x Time
    • Communicate better.
    • Win more.
  • Communication practices for everyday.
    • Prepare.
    • Empathize.
    • Bring data.
    • Build relationships.


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