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Product School March 2016 News – The Product Management Blog

Spring has finally started and Product School has a lot of exciting news to share with you all!

EventsĀ This Month

  • San Francisco Campus – Data Analytics for Product Managers with Mixpanel

The Team from Mixpanel, one of the leading data analytics software startup, visited San Francisco campus to give a presentation about using data to understand user behavior for product managers.

So why data analytics is important for product managers? Product managers are responsible for creating the vision and strategy of the product. Therefore, understanding users and their behavior are critical in creating the whole product strategy.

Traditional ways of gathering user data have been interviews and surveys, which are still oftenĀ used for qualitative insights. However, they usually take up a lot of time and budget and generally not considered as an efficient way of doing it. Therefore, it might not be a great fit for startups with the limited budget and on tight schedule employing agile methodology.

So there comes the user analytics – Benefits of analytics software like Mixpanel are 1. Gather user data fast – Product managers are able to gather all the user behavior to understand them with empathy.Ā  2. Move quickly – Able to gain user data to help with their product strategy.

With theĀ help of data analytics software, product managers can shape or iterate product strategy, such as changing UI to improve identifying qualified sales leads or adding a new feature for user retention.

Brandon Skerda, Solutions Engineer at Mixpanel presenting at Product School on using data for product insights.
  • Silicon Valley Campus – How to Crack the Product Manager Interview

Hacker Dojo was filled up with people on Wednesday night! Justin Hu, Senior Director of Product Management of Zillow Group and a Product Manager of 10+ years of experience shared his tips about getting a product manager job at Silicon Valley. Justin also participated in Product School as a mentor to help students with their resumes and interviews in January.

How to Crack the PM Interview

  • New York Campus – Product Management Info Session

Carlos, CEO of Product School traveled to the Big Apple to attend the Product Management Info Session this week. Rayyan Islam, VP of Product at Beacon and lead instructor of New York campus also participated to answer questions from aspiring product managers about breaking it into the field and 8-week part-time product management courses offered by Product School.

Happy Hour time for Product School crew at New York City! Carlos, Brad, Sophia and Rayyan.

New Instructor Announcements

Meet Lead Instructors of Product School San Francisco May cohort!

mayallenMay Allen (Weekend Cohort)

Product Manager at Projector

May already joined Product School as an instructor in January, had an amazing experience and is coming back in May! She currently works at Projector,Ā a machine learning platform that helps developers transform their applications into timely, personalized actions and experiences.

She has over 10 years of combined experience as a product manager, entrepreneur, marketer, and teacher, having worked previously in companies like SlideRocket and VMware, before joining Projector.


robRob McGrorty (Weekday Cohort)

Director of Operations and Product at Webgility

Rob McGrorty is the Director of Product and Operations at Webgility, focusing relentlessly on improving overly complex systems and processes for Commerce companies.

He made a transition from accounting to product management after working at KPMG for 5 years. His goal is to tackle some of the most frustrating challenges in Finance, Accounting, Logistics, and Compliance.



Want to meet May and Rob? Attend our free Product Management – Info Session. They are happy to answer your questions about product management!

Information Session with Rob McGrorty – March 23rd, 6:30pm, SF campus RSVP

Information Session with May Allen – April 20th, 6:30pm, SF campus RSVP


Class Graduation!

Slack for iOS Upload
Ji Kim’s Class in San Francisco campus

Weekday/Weekend Cohorts in San Francisco and New York campus graduated this week! Experienced product managers of Silicon Valley and New York City participated as mentors on the last day to advise students’ job search. Congratulations, students and keep up the hard work!


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