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Product Management Events (June 2017)

This Summer we have a great mix of not only Product Management Events and Coding but also Data Analytics events coming up for everyone. Our amazing events feature speakers from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and American Express just to mention a few.


Product Management Events June 2017


Check all our events for June below:


Product Management Events (June 2017) by Product School in NEW YORK


Thursday, June 1st

Coding for Managers Info Session with ClassPass Engineer
Speaker: Jenn Creighton, Engineer at ClassPass

Do you want to take your career to the next level? Thinking about learning Code to amp up your career? Then don’t miss this free event to learn why coding is not just for software engineers. Get a chance to ask any questions you might have on learning Code as a Manager.


Wednesday, June 7th

Building a New Product vs. Iterating on the Old
Speaker: Paul Yokota, the Director of Product for Animoto.

An important skill for a Product Manager is the ability to parachute into an existing product and land on your feet. In this workshop you will learn how to immerse yourself in your new company and learn as much as you can as quickly as you can.


Thursday, June 8th

Importance of Data Analytics
Speaker: Etugo Nwokah, former Chief Product Officer for WellMatch.

This is an Introduction to the importance of Data Analytics in Product Management. This talk will cover how to define Data Analytics why it should be a first class citizen in any software organization.


Wednesday, June 14th

Journey to Product Management by Etsy’s PM
Speaker: Kevin Gu, the Senior Product Manager at Etsy.

Product Management is more of an art than a science. So, how do you become a Product Manager? Come learn what Kevin Gu has learned before and during his journey in product management.


Thursday, June 15th

Tech and Product Management by Foursquare’s PM
Speaker: Avneesh Kohli, the Product Manager for Foursquare.

How important is it to understand technology? Come learn how understanding tech will make you a better Product Manager. Or, if you’re new to Product Management, let’s discuss how much technology you should know.


Thursday, June 22nd

Intro to Data Analytics with Oscar’s Director of Product
Speaker: Vasudev Vadlamudi, Director of Product at Oscar.

We will go over key types of quantitative analysis that B2C product managers use on the job including: funnels, cohorts, and a/b testing. For each one we will look into when and why they are used, and dive into examples.


Wednesday, June 28th

Ad Monetization Products with SoundCloud’s Product Manager
Speaker: Jori Bell, Senior Product Manager of Ad Tech at SoundCloud.

Jori will talk about her experience bringing monetization products to SoundCloud – but more broadly – how to introduce seemingly “questionable” product features to a larger organization.


Thursday, June 29th

Intro to Javascript by LearnVest’s Engineer
Speaker: Tony Tran, Tech Lead at LearnVest.

Do you want to take your career to the next level? Thinking about learning Code to amp up your career? Then don’t miss this event to learn why coding is not just for software engineers. Get a chance to ask any questions and learn about Javascript.


Product Management Events (June 2017) by Product School in SAN FRANCISCO


Thursday, June 1st

Intro to Machine Learning with Google’s Product Manager
Speaker: Melody Ivory, Product Manager at Google.

This workshop will introduce students to how product managers harness data and machine learning to build products. During the event, Melody will discuss her experience as a Product Manager at Google Home and how she uses machine learning to inform her decisions.


Wednesday, June 7th

A/B Testing with Yammer’s Product Manager
Speaker: Anna Marie Clifton, Product Manager at Yammer.

This workshop covers the important topics of when to use A/B testing, how to implement it and most importantly, how to measure the results.


Thursday, June 8th

Intro to Tableau with Google’s Former Data Analyst
Speaker: Paula Leonova, Former Data Analyst at Google.

During this event, you will gain an introduction to data analysis and visual design in Tableau, and learn how to build views and interactive dashboards. Our speaker, Paula Leonova, will offer a detailed demo and answer any of your questions around how to use this software. This event is for those looking to become more data savvy.


Wednesday, June 14th

Inside Product Management w/ Docusign’s Senior Product Manager
Speaker: Kevin Zhu, Senior Product Manager at DocuSign

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a Product Manager? What about as a Product Manager at cool companies like Lyft, Amazon or Docusign?


Wednesday, June 21st

Facebook’s Product Manager Talks: How to Become a Great PM
Speaker: George Zeng, Product Manager at Facebook.

During this workshop George will answer all key questions about Product Management: What does it mean to be an outstanding Product Manager? What does a day in the life of a PM actually look like? How to achieve & maintain a successful PM career?


Thursday, June 22nd

Intro to Front End Frameworks
Speaker: Daniel Tunon, software engineer at OSIsoft.

Learn how to craft your ideas into something real! Coding is the ability to take the abstract and make it concrete. In this class we’ll show you how to go from no prior coding knowledge to crafting your own websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Wednesday, June 28th

How to Be Persuasive by Google’s Group Product Manager
Speaker: Tyler Odean, Group Product Manager at Google.

The goal of this workshop is to provide attendees with a clear scope of a product manager role, the mechanics of the product development process, and the communication needed to ensure transparency across stakeholders.


Product Management Events (June 2017) by Product School in SILICON VALLEY


Wednesday, June 7th

Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile with LinkedIn’s Head of Product
Speaker: Hari Srinivasan, Head of Product at LinkedIn.

Learn how to turn your LinkedIn profile into a PM interview generating machine during this hands-on workshop with Hari Srinivasan, a Head of Product at LinkedIn. Hari will discuss how to construct your LinkedIn profile and turn it into a much more effective tool that will land you the career that you want.


Wednesday, June 14th

The Product Manager Mindset with Walmart’s Former PM
Speaker: Mala Rajendran, former Product Manager at Walmart.

Shifting the mindset to see and talk beyond the product is very critical in Product management. No matter what stage in the product lifecycle, simultaneously and deliberately viewing your product through these perspectives will help avoid common pitfalls and help deliver a superior solution.


Thursday, June 28th

How we build High Performing Teams at Intuit w/ Mint’s Lead PM
Speaker: Willy Gonzalez, Mint Mobile Lean for iOS and Android at Intuit.

Building an A+ product isn’t just about hiring A+ players – you have to make sure that everyone is in sync and running in the same direction. As a Product Manager, you’re in a prime position to influence how well your product-building teams function.


Product Management Events (June 2017) by Product School in SANTA MONICA


Wednesday, June 7th

More Money, More Problems w/ High Growth Company Product Manager
Speaker: Alana Abbitt-McGregor, Senior Product Manager at the Honest Company.

Join us at Product School to hear first hand PM stories on how to navigate growth while balancing short term and long term goals. Learn how PM’s manage up, down and sideways to launch products in an ever-growing competitive environment.


Wednesday, June 14th

The Analyst’s Perspective on Learning from Data
Speaker: Jason Bedford, Data Scientist at Banjo.

Join us at Product School in Santa Monica while former Banjo Data Scientist, Jason Bedford, will be arguing that there are two ways to learn from data. The first is the “artificial intelligence” way, and the second is the analysis way. Jason will dive into what is meant by this and give some examples.


Wednesday, June 21st

Product School and LA Tech Happy Hour
Host: Product School Santa Monica 6 LA Tech

Let’s continue celebrating! Drinks are on us! If you are an aspiring Product Manager, come to chat and drink with the Product School team, instructors and students. Although, we teach part-time Product Management courses, we love celebrations and nothing better than Happy Hours!


Wednesday, June 28th

“Ask Me Anything” with Citi FinTech’s Former SVP
Speaker: Eric Rems, founder of The Mindful Tech Lab, former SVP at FinTech.

Come join us at Product School as we sit down with Eric Rems and discuss his experience as the SVP, Product Management at Citi FinTech, as well as his new venture as the founder of The Mindful Tech Lab.


Product Management Events (June 2017) by Product School in DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES


Thursday, June 8th

“Ask Me Anything” with The Proactiv Company’s Senior PM
Host: Zach Cohen, Senior Product Manager at The Proactiv Company.

Would you like to get a job as a Product Manager? Join us to get an overview of our part-time product management course curriculum, meet a very talented Product Manager from The Proactiv Company and have the chance to ask any additional questions that you might have about what it takes to become a product manager.


Thursday, June 22nd

Transition Into Product: Your How to Guide
Host: Ryan Prust, entrepreneur and experienced product manager.

“Good product managers decompose problems. Bad product managers combine all problems into one.” – Ben Horowitz The Problem: How do I transition into a job in Product? In this workshop we’ll decompose the problem and help you create a navigable path to your career as a product manager.




Tuesday, June 6th

[Live Chat] with Product Manager at American Express
Host: Dan Durkin, Product Manager at American Express.

Curious about the life and world of a Product Manager? What’s it all about? Bring your questions to our exclusive Slack “Ask Me Anything” session to ask every product related question you’ve ever had, with Dan Durkin, Product Manager at American Express.

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