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Product Management Events December 2016

As we are winding down what was an amazing year of Product Management events with everyone, we still have a couple weeks left. Here’s what we can look forward to in December:

Product Management Events December


New York:

Wednesday,  December  7th

Understanding Your Users: Data Analytics for Product Managers

Host: Eli Rothschild and Eric Hwang, MixPanel

Join Eric Hwang and Eli Rothschild of Mixpanel, who have worked directly with hundreds of product managers to build sophisticated analytics strategies. Mixpanel’s customer base includes thousands of companies such as Uber, Capital One and Amazon.


Wednesday, December 14th

How to Find and Build the Right Product

Host: Selena Hadzibabic, Product-Expert-In-Residence for NYU Steinhardt

Before building the product right, you have to find the right product to build. Here’s where our human nature and traditional organization design can, unfortunately, work against us. Don’t fret, at the end of the day; it’s all about helping your team ask the right questions and letting them help you find the answers.  


San Francisco:

Wednesday,  December 7th

Ask Me Anything with Salesforce’s Senior Product Manager

Host: Melissa Yeung, Senior Product Manager on the Data Warehouse team at Salesforce

This is an exclusive Q&A session to give you a chance to ask every question you’ve ever had about Product Management. Melissa will discuss what it’s like to work in this dynamic role and what it takes to get your foot in the door. You’ll also get the inside scoop on the day-to-day work as a PM, the challenges of the job and personal insight from Melissa’s experience at working at different companies in the valley.


Wednesday, December 14th

LinkedIn’s Senior PM Talks: 10 Commandments of Product Management

Host: Christian Byza, Senior Product Manager, LinkedIn

From vertical to horizontal product management: Learn from LinkedIn`s Senior Product Manager Christian Byza how his roles changed from owning a vertical slice of a solution to a horizontal ownership of an entire market and what it takes to build great products in a large organization.


Silicon Valley:

Wednesday,  December 7th

How to Solve a Communication Breakdown in Product Management

Hosts: Edmund Leung, Principal Product Manager at Gliffy & John Brockhaus, Sales at Gliffy

The #1 reason why products fail? A Breakdown in Communication

To help combat miscommunication, we will discuss the use of powerful Visuals such as flows, wireframes, and diagrams can be used to translate ideas, processes, and more from team to team. Easily adapted and implemented, it is the lightweight tool that every Product Manager can benefit from.


Wednesday, December 14th

“Ask Me Anything” with Product School CEO: How to Become a Product Manager

Host: Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, CEO Product School

Join us for this free open doors session to get an overview of our part-time product management course curriculum, meet the lead instructor and have the chance to ask any additional questions that you might have about what it takes to become a product manager.


Downtown Los Angeles:

Wednesday, December 7th

The No Bullshit Reasons Why VR is Changing The World as We Know It

Host: Nicolas Alcala

During this session, we will explore what VR is, how it works, how to use it, how it will impact half of the industries of the planet, and what to expect from what was called “the definitive platform” by Saint Zuckerberg. More than 6 billion invested on it in the past year. Every tech company spending solid bucks on R&D. Apple being late as always. Google launching Google Earth on VR so you can visit your childhood home (what!?). NBA matches in your living room sat next to Rober De Niro.


Santa Monica:

Wednesday, December 14th

When Design Thinking Becomes Design Doing: How To Go From Ideas To Market

Host: Cauri Jaye,  Innovation Advisor to startups and enterprise

As professionals how do we form teams that can innovate in this way? How do we not get caught in paralysis by analysis? How do we extract these ideas and bring them to market before our competitors? This talk will take you on a journey to answer these questions. Guiding you to understanding what makes a good product manager, great.

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