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Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager
Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager

Product Management Events in August 2017

This August we’ll continue delivering a great mix of Product Management, Coding and Data Analytics events for everyone. Our amazing past events have featured speakers from Amazon, Airbnb and Facebook. This month we’ll bring you professionals from Google, Spotify, and PayPal just to mention a few.

Product Management Events in August 2017


Check all our events for August below:




Wednesday, August 2nd

How to Interview Customers with Square’s PM
Speaker: Kevin Yien, Product Manager at Square.

The objective of this workshop is to teach you how to listen for learnings to influence any decisions you need to make, including: building a product, marketing a product, selling a product.


Thursday, August 3rd

Data Analytics for PM’s Info Session w/ WeWork’s Data Scientist
Speaker: Adam Owens, Data Scientist at WeWork, data science and analytics professional.

How do you build and implement an effective analytics strategy that quantifies and drives success and iteration? Don’t miss this free event to learn why Data is not just for “analysts” or “scientists”. Get a chance to ask any questions you might have.


Wednesday, August 9th

User Testing & Prototyping for Success w/ Viacom Product Manager
Speaker: Rachel Fairbanks, Product Manager at Viacom.

User testing is a crucial aspect of the product development process that often gets overlooked – or is incorporated too late to avoid the costs of building features that don’t meet the right needs. The ability to quickly prototype and test key ideas early and often will help you to determine the overall value and usability of features, and allows you to build the right thing the first time.


Thursday, August 10th

Coding Info Session with Rent the Runway’s Software Engineer
Speaker: Vitaly Sergeyev, Software Engineer for Rent the Runway.

Do you want to take your career to the next level? Thinking about learning Code to amp up your career? Then don’t miss this free event to learn why coding is not just for software engineers. Get a chance to ask any questions you might have on learning Code as a manager.


Wednesday, August 16th

How to Become a Product Manager with Betterment’s PM
Speaker: Matt Salefski, Group Product Manager at Betterment.

Join us for this free open doors session to get an overview of our part-time product management course curriculum, meet the lead instructor and have the chance to ask any additional questions that you might have about what it takes to become a product manager.


Thursday, August 17th

The Why & How of Enterprise Analytics w/ Spotify Data Scientist
Speaker: Gordon Silvera, Senior Data Scientist on Spotify’s Data SWAT squad.

As “big data” and “data science” become increasingly mature practices, businesses have started to demand ROI from their investments in analytics. In fact, senior stakeholders at some companies cast doubt on the need for data science.


Thursday, August 24th

Intro to Product Data Analysis with Python: Go Beyond + Ultra
Speaker: MD Arefin, a Software Engineer at J.P.Morgan.

As product owner, one can easily do their own product research, graphs and analysis with Python. We will discuss how to implement web scraping, gather data from social media about specific products, and how to make analysis of one’s findings.




Wednesday, August 2nd

“Ask Me Anything” with Postmates’ Director of Product
Speaker: Mike Burk, Director of Product at Postmates.

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a Product Manager? What about as a Product Manager at Google? This is an exclusive, Q&A session to give you a chance to ask every question you’ve ever had, with Mike Burk, former VP of Product at Scoot.


Thursday, August 3rd

How to Prioritize as a PM by Google’s Product Manager
Speaker: Jeff Betts, Product Manager at Google.

Jeff Betts, a Product Manager at Google, will cover the problem-solving framework and share insights and anecdotes from his user-first approach to product development and prioritization strategy.


Wednesday, August 9th

The PM Interviewing Process for Big Logos w/ GoogleX’s former PM
Speaker: Chandan Lodha, former PM at GoogleX.

Do you want to be a Product Manager at a top tech company? While each company and each interview can be unique, there are general patterns and tips that you can follow to present your best self during the interview process.


Thursday, August 10th

10 Commandments of Product Management with LinkedIn’s PM
Speaker: Christian Byza, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn.

From vertical to horizontal product management: Learn how Christian’s roles changed from owning a vertical slice of a solution to a horizontal ownership of an entire market and what it takes to build great products in a large organization.


Tuesday, August 15th

Product School Alumni Happy Hour with Free Headshots
Host: Product School San Francisco

Come join us for an exclusive Alumni-only Happy Hour here at Product School. Grab a beer and meet with other alumni along with instructors and the PS team to discuss your Product Management journey and grow your network.


Wednesday, August 16th

Gaming Product Management with Playstation’s Product Manager
Speaker: Matt Herrick, Product Manager at Playstation.

Being a Product Manager in gaming is a very different world. Matt Herrick, a veteran gaming PM from Playstation and Glu Mobile, will discuss data analytics, A/B testing, the gaming ecosystem, and monetization strategies to help attendees better understand this industry.


Thursday, August 17th

Building Products for Emerging Markets w/ Google’s PM
Speaker: Joris Van Mens, Product Manager at Google.

Building products for cultures and people that are very different from your surroundings is a complex task. It requires deep research efforts and a highly structured way of solving product questions. Joris will explain how Google’s product teams solve these types of problems.


Wednesday, August 23rd

“Ask Me Anything” with Square’s Product Manager
Speaker: Ron Lai, Product Manager at Square.

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a Product Manager? This is an exclusive Q&A session to give you a chance to ask every question you’ve ever had, with Ron Lai, Product Manager at Square.


Thursday, August 24th

Dirty Little Secrets of Product Management with LinkedIn’s PM
Speaker: Alexis Baird, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn.

While everyone will talk about setting product strategy, defining features, maintaining a roadmap, managing an engineering team, and putting together a successful product launch, what else do you need to know to be a successful product manager?


Wednesday, August 30th

Becoming a Successful PM with Product School’s Founder
Speaker: Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, CEO of Product School.

Come hear insights on how to be a successful PM in Silicon Valley. We’ll also cover how to grow your career once you’re a product manager. We plan to have an interactive discussion and will be crowdsourcing and answering questions from the audience in real time.




Wednesday, August 2nd

On Big Data with PayPal’s Product Manager
Speaker: Sonia Singhal, Product Manager at Paypal.

Building an analytics strategy is crucial for every Product Manager. How do you build and implement an effective product analytics strategy that quantifies and drives product success and iteration?


Thursday, August 3rd

Data for Managers w/ the Founder of Product School
Speaker: Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, Founder and CEO of Product School.

Join the founder of Product School as he discusses Data Analytics and the specifics neccessary to understand as a Manager.


Wednesday, August 9th

Intro to Tableau with Google’s Former Data Analyst
Speaker: Paula Leonova, former Data Analyst at Google.

Gain an introduction to data analysis and visual design in Tableau, and learn how to build views and interactive dashboards. Our speaker, Paula Leonova, will offer a detailed demo and answer any of your questions around how to use this software.


Thursday, August 10th

Building a Lovable Product w/ IBM’s former Program Director
Speaker: Jin Zhang, former Program Director at IBM.

What makes a product lovable? It must solve a customer’s problem and it must be designed with the user’s experience and goals in mind.


Wednesday, August 16th

Working as a PM in a Startup Environment w/ Banjo’s PM
Speaker: Matt Bariletti, Product Manager at Banjo.

There is no single way to get into product management. We will talk about the different skills you need to be successful and how your journey doesn’t need to be the same as anyone else.


Wednesday, August 23rd

How to Crack the PM Interview with Zillow’s Former PM
Speaker: Justin Hu, former Product Manager at Zillow.

Developers, designers, folks with business backgrounds who want to become a PM usually struggle breaking into the role. During this talk you’ll learn what it takes to become a PM and see how to make up for areas where you lack experience.


Wednesday, August 30th

Intro to Artificial Intelligence w/ Target’s Director of PM
Speaker: Aarthi Srinivasan, Director of Product Management at Target.

Given that Machine Learning (ML) is on every product enthusiast’s mind, this talk will give you a broad view of the investment landscape for future innovation.


Thursday, August 31st

How to Effectively Onboard as a PM w/ Google’s Former PM
Speaker: Vikram Chatterji, former Product Manager at Google.

For those of us that have switched jobs before, we know how essential the first month can be. The crucial on-boarding process is where you begin creating relationships, understanding the internal jargon and workings of the company, all while figuring out the scope of your role and how you can make impact.




Wednesday, August 2nd

The Real on Music & Tech w/ Universal Music Group Dir of Product
Speaker: Heba Asmar, Director of Product at Universal Music Group.

The ever growing industries within music and technology is of extreme importance here in Los Angeles. Heba will demonstrate her passions in both industries to show the melodic effects that help drive a product environment in Music. 


Wednesday, August 9th

“How I Cracked into Product Management” w/ former Cornerstone PM
Speaker: Emad Radwan, former Product Manager at Cornerstone OnDemand.

This is an exclusive session to give you a chance to understand Emad’s path to being a Product Manager. Learn and ask every question you’ve ever had, with Emad Radwan, former Product Manager at CornerstoneOnDemand.


Tuesday, August 15th

A Journey Through Product & Data w/ AwesomenessTV Data Scientist
Speaker: Annie Flippo, Data Scientist at AwesomenessTV.

Understanding how to access and interpret data is critical for the modern PM. Building an analytics strategy is also crucial for every Product Manager and Data Scientists. How do you build and implement an effective product analytics strategy?


Wednesday, August 23rd

Do’s and Don’ts of Starting a Company w/ Founder of Grub Runner
Speaker: Sameer Khan, Founder of Grub Runner.

Through his “Do’s and Don’ts” you’ll get the inside scoop on the day-to-day work as a PM and a founder, the challenges of the job and personal insight from Sameer’s experience at working at different companies.


Tuesday, August 29th

Better Living Through Analytics – Strategies for Data Decisions
Speaker: Louis Cialdella, Data Scientist at ZipRecruiter.

The purpose of this data talk will enlighten people on how to make sure that analysts can successfully partner with other departments and get them the information they need to do great things.


Wednesday, August 30th

“Ask Me Anything” with Cornerstone OnDemand’s Senior PM
Speaker: Steve Elmer, Senior Product Manager on the Learning Product for Cornerstone OnDemand.

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a Product Manager? This is an exclusive Q&A session to give you a chance to ask every question you’ve ever had, with Steve Elmer, Senior Product Manager at Cornerstone OnDemand.




Tuesday, August 8th

The Agile Product Manager with Cornerstone’s PM
Speaker: Nick Lesec, Product Manager at Cornerstone OnDemand.

A critical part of any Product Manager’s job is execution. In this talk, he’ll teach you the Agile and SCRUM process for building software so you and your team can realize your product vision.




Tuesday, August 22nd

Product Party! Product School’s Official OC Launch!
Host: Product School Orange County

Although we teach part-time Product Management courses, Data Analytics Course, and Coding Courses, we love celebrations and nothing better than Happy Hour Launch PARTY! Please be sure to RSVP early as space is limited!




Tuesday, August 1st

[Live Chat] with Slack’s First Product Manager
Host: Kenneth Berger, the first Product Manager at Slack, an executive coach.

Curious about the life and world of a Product Manager? What’s it all about? Bring your questions to our exclusive Slack “Ask Me Anything” session to ask every product related question you’ve ever had, with Slack’s first Product Manager.


Thursday, August 10th

[Webinar] The Validation Toolbox w/ PM at Cancer Research UK
Host: Ane Silva, Product Manager at Cancer Research UK.

As Product Managers and aspiring product managers, learning is all part of the process. That doesn’t change if you’ve been a PM for one day or ten years. This session focuses on the lessons Neha Monga learned from launching products over her 10+ years long career as a product manager.


Thursday, August 24th

[Webinar] Roadmapping: Do you Need to Make a U-turn? w/ Dell PM
Host: Mahuya Ghosh, Senior Product Manager at Dell.

As Product Managers, we all may have come across fellow comrades showing complicated probabilistic or deterministic prioritization algorithms based on weighted factors like velocity, revenue impact, resources, complexity of features, customer acceptance etc. They might have also thrown in a macro-laced spreadsheet for good measure.


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