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Product Management Events April 2017

This April there is a great mix of Product Management, Coding and Data Analytics events coming up for everyone. We have amazing events featuring speakers from LinkedIn, Ticketmaster, Google and Facebook just to mention a few.


Product management events in april


Check all our events for April below:


New York


Wednesday, April 5th

Consulting to Product Management – How to Make a Successful Transition
Speaker: Jordan Sumerlus, Senior Product Manager at MongoDB.

Jordan will discuss the transition from Consulting into Product Management. He will walk through the key consulting skills that transfer across and those that don’t, as well as unexpected areas that will require a steep learning curve. Based on his experience and lessons learned, Jordan will attempt to provide insights on how to make this transition as frictionless as possible.


Thursday, April 6th

Intro to Ruby on Rails for Beginners
Speaker: Jeff Katz, Lead Instructor at Flatiron School.

This Meetup will consist of a discussion regarding databases, models, and HTML. The speaker will also be explaining how all these different factors fit into the Ruby on Rails framework.


Wednesday, April 12

Product Management Happy Hour 

Let’s continue celebrating! Drinks are on us! If you are an aspiring Product Manager, come to chat and drink with the Product School team, instructors and students.


Thursday, April 13th

The Power of Predictive Data with HP & Avanade Programmer
Speaker: Konstantin Mikhaylov, Senior Software Architect / Software Engineer

Have you ever wondered how to use Predictive Data Analytics to analyze current and historical data facts in order to make predictions about the future? Konstantin will be providing an Introduction on the History of Predictive Analytics.


Wednesday, April 19th

Facebook PM: How to Move from a Non-Technical Role to Product Management
Speaker: Alison Go, Product Manager at Facebook.

What does a Product Manager do, should I become one, and, if yes, how? Alison will discuss the intricacies of product management at companies, large and small, and across various industries. She will walk you through the day-to-day of the role — both the triumphs and pitfalls of this dynamic and challenging job.


Wednesday, April 26th

How to Become a Product Manager with Artnet’s CPO
Speaker: Chris Maliwat, Chief Product Officer at Artnet

Would you like to get a job as a Product Manager? Join us for this free open doors session to get an overview of our part-time product management course curriculum, meet the lead instructor and have the chance to ask any additional questions that you might have about what it takes to become a product manager



San Francisco


Wednesday, April 5th

How to transition to Product from Sales explained by Sephora’s Product Manager
Speaker: Liz Coleman, Senior Product Manager at Sephora

The journey to become a product manager is (almost) never a straightforward one. Liz will share her personal story on how she ended up discovering the product role, how she managed to experience it on a small scale, how she transitioned into it full time coming from a business/operations background, and what she has learned during the journey.


Thursday, April 6th

Intro to A/B Testing by Google and Facebook’s #1 Mobile Game Maker
Speaker: Steve Wu, Data-driven Product Manager at Ever.

This workshop covers the important topics of when to use A/B testing, how to implement it and most importantly, how to measure the results.


Wednesday,  April 12th

Working with Emerging Technologies explained by GoodRead’s Sr. Product Manager
Speaker: Jessica Johnson, Sr. Product Manager at Goodread.

Ever wondered what goes on behind great products at Google? How about Second Life? Jessica will discuss what it’s like to work in this dynamic role and how to get emerging technologies to market.


Wednesday, April 19th

“Ask Me Anything” with LinkedIn’s Product Manager
Host: Phil Spitzer, Product Manager at LinkedIn

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a Product Manager? This is an exclusive, Q&A session to give you a chance to ask every product related question you’ve ever had, with the Product Manager at LinkedIn. He will discuss what it’s like to work in this dynamic role and what it takes to get your foot in the door.


Wednesday, April 26th

Mobile Growth – A Conversation with Slack’s PM
Speaker: Jules Walter, Product Manager at Slack’s mobile team.

Understanding your users and how they discover and adopt your products is very important in building a product. Especially on mobile. Slack’s Mobile Product Manager, Jules Walter, discusses growth principles and tactical techniques in gaining and retaining a strong user base.


Thursday, April 27th

Intro to SQL by Google’s Software Engineer
Host: Roman Polonsky, Software Engineer on Google’s Global Tools Team

SQL provides powerful but reasonably simple tools for data analysis and handling. This workshop will take absolute beginners through the basics of SQL. You’ll learn SQL queries needed to collect data from a database, even if it lives in different places and analyze it to find the answers you’re looking for.



Santa Clara


Wednesday,  April 5th

Data explained by LinkedIn’s Senior Product Manager
Speaker: Ali Khodaei, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn

Building an analytics strategy is crucial for every product manager. How do you build and implement an effective product analytics strategy that quantifies and drives product success and iteration?


Wednesday, April 12th

Discover all the PM Secrets with LinkedIn’s Product Manager
Host: Kylan Nieh, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a Product Manager in the valley? This is an exclusive Q&A session to give you a chance to ask every product related question you’ve ever had.


Wednesday, April 19th

Product Management with PayPal Mobile App Creator
Speaker: Ashish Toshniwal, founder of Y Media Labs

Ashish shares the keys to successful agency-client relationships, how to execute customer research effectively and best practices for communicating throughout the product lifecycle.


Wednesday,  April 26th

The Product Design Process with Google’s Product Manager
Speaker: Molly Mackinlay, Product Manager at Google Forms and the Google Classroom mobile apps

Learn how to integrate user feedback and research into the design process to build products that users love.


Downtown Los Angeles


Thursday, April 20th

Nailing Your Pitch with Gorilla Logic’s Senior PM
Speaker: Josh Grayson, Senior Product Manager at Gorilla Logic.

If you aspire to be an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, a crucial skill is the ability to communicate your business model plans; quickly, simply and in terms that work for diverse audiences. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to use the Business Model Canvas to create exciting, concise and clear business model presentations that will win over your stakeholders.


Santa Monica


Wednesday,  April 5th

Sr. PM at Ticketmaster: Difference Between Hardware and Software Product Mngmt
Speaker: Josh Hickman, Senior Product Manager of eCommerce at Ticketmaster

Senior Product Manager of eCommerce at Ticketmaster, will discuss the key differences in hardware product management and software product management. He will also discuss the pros and cons of both, and what you can expect your day to look like in each type of role.


Thursday, April 6th

Intro to GitHub for Beginners
Speaker: Jason Trikakis, Technical Product Manager at SpinSpin.

In this exclusive workshop for nontechnical professionals, we will learn how to use Github, a popular Git-based repository to host your projects online. You will also learn the essentials of Git, the most common version control tool that millions of coders use while developing for the web.


Wednesday, April 12th

Drive Growth by Marketing Yourself with Director of Product at Bambee
Speaker: Max Ninthara, Product Manager at Bambee

What separates Product Managers from the pack is their ability to drive growth for the business, which then translates into growth for their career. Max Ninthara will talk about how selling and marketing the Product Manager role is essential to gain internal, stakeholder buy-in and push forward ideas that will generate results for the business.


Thursday, April 13th

Setting Your Product up for Success with Yahoo’s Former PM
Speaker: Adam Balest, product strategy and data driven decision processes expert

Former PM at Fox and Yahoo will speak about product management best practices (i.e. setting yourself and the product up for success). Adam will also cover how to start off on the right product foot with a new employer and discuss some of the mind sets and philosophies of a Product Leader.


Wednesday, April 19th

A PM’s Life in Experience Strategy with Disney’s former Product Manager
Speaker: Kathleen Cohen, her own consultancy The Collaboratorium

Topic: The Ferret in a Hailstorm Headed to the Abyss. Kathleen will discuss overall Experience Strategy as it relates to Product Development. Our discussion will cover video game, web, mobile, interactives, AR/VR and the expectation of a PM in those roles from within.


Wednesday, April 26th

Intro to Coding for Managers
Host: Product School

Get a chance to ask any questions you might have on learning Code as a manager. This is a free Info Session and once you register, you’ll receive all the info you need to join us, and in one click, watch and find out if Coding for Managers course is the right fit for you.


Thursday, April 27th

Intro to Coding for Non-Coders
Speaker: Sam Nagourney, a full stack web developer

Whether you work alongside developers or you’re just curious what coding is all about, this workshop will open your eyes to a new world. We’ll foster “coder empathy” by going over the 3 pillars of web development; front end, back end, and cloud-side Code Deployment.


Online Events


Tuesday, April 4th

[Live Chat] “Ask me Anything” with Founder and CEO at
Host: Nir Erlich, Founder and CEO at

Want to know what it’s like to work as a Product Manager? Join us for this exclusive Slack “Ask Me Anything” session to ask every product related question you’ve ever had, with the Founder and CEO at, previously a Head of Product at RayV (acquired by Yahoo).


Thursday, April 6th 

[Webinar] Keep Calm and Validate On with Product Manager at Cisco
Host: Shubha Govil is Director Product Management at Cisco DevNet. 

All product managers would like to be Steve Jobs and have the insight into what user really wants. Fact is that great products involve a lot of validation of concepts with users to really understand what they would need and want. Lean validation in 15mins before you start building your great ideas.


Tuesday, April 11th

[Live Chat] “Ask me Anything” with Senior Product Manager at Gliffy
Host: Jun Loayza, Senior Product Manager at Gliffy

Curious about the life and world of a Product Manager? What’s it all about? Bring your questions to our exclusive Slack “Ask Me Anything” session to ask every product related question you’ve ever had, with Jun Loayza. He’s currently a Senior Product Manager at Gliffy and has had an impressive career in the startup world.


Tuesday, April 18th

[Live Chat] with Senior Mobile Product Manager at
Host: Kareem Shirazi, Senior Mobile Product Manager at

Curious to know what it’s like to work as a Product Manager? Join us for this exclusive Slack “Ask Me Anything” session to ask every product related question you’ve ever had, with Kareem Shirazi, Senior Mobile Product Manager at


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