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Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager
Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager

Intro to AI and Machine Learning Products by Salesforce PM

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning… what are all these? It’s true that building products at different companies vary depending on the product, but what overlaps in building AI and machine learning products?

Product Manager at Salesforce talked about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning products and how product managers can efficiently build, launch and manage them.



Director of Product at Salesforce

Kanishka Maheshwari is the Director of Product Management on the Search team at Salesforce. There he focused specifically on applying AI and Machine Learning to Search, and building out core search engine features and the Salesforce search platform. He also co-founded an education non-profit which builds schools in rural Nepal. He is a CMU alum and loves golf & skiing.


AI and Machine Learning Products

This talk was aimed to offer insights on how to be an effective and empathetic Product Manager and how to be customer driven. Kanishka also talked about how to bring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered products to the market.

The takeaways that Kaneshka went deeper into were what Product Manager’s life is like, how to be a capable Product Manager and what can you do if you want to be a Product Manager. He also gave insight into how you can effectively deliver AI and Machine Learning Products to customers, and how to be efficient working with AI and Machine Learning engineers and data scientists.

 Intro to AI and Machine Learning Products by Salesforce PM


Bullet Points:

  • Key things for aspiring managers to learn:
    • Love your customer: know what makes them successful, and their pain points are. Become their advocate for your company.
    • Become the product and market expert: do competitive studies, understand the ins and outs of your product so that you know the market and direction you need to move to.
    • Make sure you can build trust with your stakeholders (customers, engineers, the UX team, support, designers, etc.)
  • Key things for those that are already product managers:
    • Empower your team, stakeholders, etc.
    • Delegate your team as much as you can.
    • Communicate and be proactive about it.
  • When delivering machine learning and artificial intelligence products:
  • “Everyone should try to be a Product Manager at least once.” It helps you figure out how to work with other people, and you have to come up with mental (and other) tricks to make things work.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence in real life.
    • Very few are doing it, even fewer do it at scale, and even fewer than that do it right.
  • 3 Key things you get from machine learning and artificial intelligence:
    • Historical reference and learning on your data set.
    • Prediction capabilities.
    • Personalization.
  • What do you need to be effective as a product manager?
    • Well-defined hypothesis and success criteria.
    • Good data pipeline and clean data.
    • Offline model building capability.
    • A way to experiment these.
    • A way to deploy your models.


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