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Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager
Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager

How to Reach Target Customers by former Apple Product Manager

Great products solve real people’s problems. And those real people, often your customers or users, are also the ones that will get to know your product inside out. So, how can you create products specifically designed for them? Ask them for their feedback so they can help you reach out to more people like them – your target customers. Former Apple PM told us more…



Former Product Manager at Apple

Rahul Chhabria is a Bay Area native and lives with his family in San Francisco. He works as a Product Manager at Atlassian and has over 13 years of industry experience. That experience ranges from defense to consumer technologies. Currently, he leads Product Management for Atlassian’s enterprise offering. Rahul was also the former Mobile Product Manager at Apple.


Reaching out to Your Customers

Rahul talked to us about what it’s like to be a Product Manager for a new team and how to tackle an ambiguous problem. He covered engaging with customers, accounting for different team member perspectives and turning it all into an actionable roadmap.

He discussed how to effectively reach out to customers and exercises to run that collect different perspectives in a common framework. He also gave some insight into how you can identify the right problems to solve a high-level roadmap. 

How to Reach Your Target Customers by Apple fmr Product Manager


In a nutshell:

  • Rahul’s project was to make their larger customers successful with Atlassian Cloud products. He also wanted to get the team together to work on it.
  • They started with customer research by using surveys and interviews.
  • With surveys, you have to be considerate of the customer. They are giving their time to help you, so:
    • Be clear with instructions.
    • Give away something (in this case, a T-shirt).
    • Remember to thank them for their time and effort!
  • Because everything can’t be answered with surveys, Rahul’s team had to do interviews as well.
  • Interviews are more personal so you can share a bit more information with the customer and this way you can build relationships. Remember to thank them again for their time!
  • Best ways to handle an interview:
    • Stick to the script (each interview is max. 30 min with a 5-minute break in between).
    • Have open-ended questions.
    • Track everything:
      • On Trello (contacted, scheduled, canceled, no response, etc.)
      • Generate templates & reports.


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