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Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager
Tips and Free Resources to become a Great Product Manager

How do E-Commerce Products Succeed by Atlassian PM

Whether B2B, B2C, selling subscription-based or niche products, e-commerce is definitely having a moment.

How do you establish a strategy according to the product’s end goal and ensure its success in the e-commerce space? Atlassian Head of Product shared his insights in our recent event.


Head of Product Management at Atlassian

Brendan Foley is the Head of Product Management for the Ecosystem business at Atlassian, which encompasses one of the largest B2B app marketplaces. He has more than 13 years experience in B2C and B2B product management covering sectors such as retail/e-commerce, digital advertising, enterprise software, and cloud applications.

Before Atlassian, Brendan was a Divisional Vice President in product management for e-commerce at Sears. He oversaw efforts on and and later for the online marketplace. Earlier, he held leadership product management and planning roles at Microsoft in digital advertising and enterprise software.


E-Commerce Products

E-commerce is not just for retailers anymore. Across B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business), Product Managers play a critical role in defining the next generation of e-commerce experiences for consumers and businesses to increase sales/conversion, build loyal customers and support brand positioning.

Brendan Foley from Atlassian talked about the major trends driving e-commerce today across B2C and B2B. He shared the key areas on which Product Managers must focus across the e-commerce funnel: attracting site traffic through SEO, enabling search/browse and rapid product discovery, and ultimately, the purchasing of products and repeated visits.

Brendan also gave some insight on the tools and approaches that can help Product Managers be successful in a highly competitive and fast-moving e-commerce environment.

How do E-commerce Products Succeed by Atlassian PM


In a nutshell:

  • What is an e-commerce product?
  • The experience funnel.
    • At the top of the funnel are traffic, homepage, search, category page and product pages. The goal is to ensure easy and fast path through the funnel.
    • At the bottom of the funnel are mini-cart, cart/checkout and post-purchase. The intention here is to maximize the average order value.
    • Across the experience, there is personalization and location awareness. This step encourages repeated visits and loyalty.
  • Mobile drives 40% of the e-commerce transactions in the US. The others are:
    • Social shopping.
    • One-click purchasing and subscription.
    • Omni-channel.
    • Voice search.
    • Consumerization of B2B.
  • B2C vs. B2B in e-commerce.
    • Individual vs. Individual with workflow.
    • Research and buy vs. Research, buy and try.
    • Simple: “here’s the option, here’s the price” vs. Complex: negotiated discounts, partial orders.
    • Advanced vs. Relatively easy.
  • Keys to success in product management: think about
    • Who is your target customer?
    • What is your value proposition?
    • How does the entire experience support the value proposition?
  • Keys to success: research.


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