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Creating World Class Products by former Nike Product Expert

Nike is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. They have stores all over the world, and the most famous athletes wear their products. So, what is it like to work as a Product Expert at Nike? Ramin Schultz, the Product Expert in the AGS region, shed some light into this and shared why Nike is a top-class company.



Former Product Expert at Nike

From a young age, Ramin Schultz has always been inspired by sports and marketing. After working for Puma, he landed his dream job with Nike to be the brand representative. Ramin then worked his way to being the Product Expert in the AGS (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) region.

He recently moved to LA to work as the Marketing Director for the start-up Swoop. Ramin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Administration and a Masters Degree in International Business Management.


How to Create World Class Products?

In this recent event, Ramin shared his story and insights about his time being a product expert and brand representative at Nike. Working in booming Nike European Market, Ramin was an integral part of many essential product launches in Berlin working together with athletes, influencers, and consumers.

He worked from educating small retail shops to consulting world-class athletes in Rio during the Olympic Games in 2016. He talked about the Nike timeline and the significant innovations that Nike has brought to the sporting world.

Creating World Class Products by former Nike Product Expert


Bullet points:

  • “The heart of Nike is to make athletes better.” The product is always about making the athletes jump a little higher, run a little bit faster and be a little bit lighter.
  • Nike has had a secret department working for it since the 80s. It consists of a group of product experts on the market that they call EKIN’s.
  • EKIN is divided into different categories, such as soccer, performance, running, and lifestyle. Often other categories come up with the innovation and if it works the lifestyle takes it into their selection.
  • The EKIN’s communicate with consumers, retailers, entertainers, etc. to receive vital feedback that will help the company improve and change the product, and to come up with innovations and products.
  • Nike has come up with great inventions over the years, such as the Zoom Air shoe (1995) and Vapor Max (2017). They use a mix of inventing something new together with innovating.
  • Some Nike apparel technologies’ inventions are pulling the sweat away, drying quickly and for being lightweight and breathable. 


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