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Intro to AI and Machine Learning Products by Salesforce PM

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning... what are all these? It's true that building products at different companies vary depending on the product, but what overlaps in building AI and machine learning products? Product Manager at Salesforce talked about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning products and how product managers can efficiently build, launch and manage

How to Succeed as a Non-Technical PM by Spotify Product Owner

Many companies require Product Managers to have a technical background - whether it be a formal Computer Science degree or experience with writing code. Is this really necessary to succeed as a Product Manager?  Jori Bell from Spotify shared her own experiences about starting out as a young Product Manager without a technical background. She

Product Managers Are Builders by Omaze Product Manager

They say that a product manager has to be good at communicating, storytelling, prioritizing, executing and obsessing over the user. On top of all this, a technical background is a plus but not a "must." According to Omaze Product Manager, the thing that is more important is to be a builder. Keep on reading to

Mobile App Product Management by Verizon former PM

When creating and implementing a new mobile app there are various moving parts that go into development, design, and functionality. How is it different from managing other software products? Former Product Manager at Verizon discusses the process in detail and how applying important data analytics can make or break your app.   Senior Product Manager

Find a Product You’re Passionate About by Airbnb Product Manager

Some of the most valuable qualities of a product manager include leadership, adaptability, and a strong product mindset. Taking these qualities to your interview can help you stand out from the rest. According to Product Manager at Airbnb, the most important thing is to find a product or company you're passionate about, in order to

How to Get Tech Experience by Fullscreen former Product Manager

How important is a technical background in Product Management? And if you don't have a background in tech, where can you get the experience? In a recent Slack AMA Katie Guernsey, former Product Manager at Fullscreen shared her insights on how to build that kind of expertise. Katie Guernsey Katie Guernsey is a product strategist

Crack the Product Manager Interview with Gayle McDowell

Preparing for your first interview in any industry can be intimidating. It's all about navigating the process, in-depth research and a lot of practice. This especially applies to the Product Manager interview. That's why we brought in Gayle McDowell, who wrote the book on the topic, to share her tips and insights with our community.

Product Scaling Challenges by YouTube Product Manager

YouTube is the second largest website in the world with 1,5 billion monthly logged in users and 1 billion hours of video watched every day. In a recent event, Product Manager at YouTube, Seung Nam, talked about what challenges he faced when redesigning this wildly popular website. We hold similar Product Management events every week

What Is Bitcoin by Google Group Product Manager

The hottest thing in the technology world at the moment is Bitcoin. But even if you know someone who has Bitcoin, do you really know what it is or how it works? What is so special about it? Tyler Odean, former Group Product Manager at Google, and currently at Reddit, joined us to explain the

Building Search Products by LinkedIn Product Manager

Are you curious about what it takes to build search products? Both Facebook and LinkedIn, and many more tech companies put a ton of effort into this. Why should you waste your time on thinking about search, discovery and search products?   LinkedIn’s Group Product Manager gave us some powerful insights during her recent talk.