Recaps of weekly product management events with leaders in the tech industry from Google, Spotify, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Live Chat with Sr PM at Rhubarb Studios

The best way to start the transition into product management without any previous experience is to connect with current Product Managers, chat to them and ask them questions about it. Once again we unleashed our product management community and urged them to ask the Senior Product Manager at Rhubarb Studios, Ryan Prust, how he

Live Chat with Sr Mobile PM at

How many roads are there to product management? There is no answer for this question but there are about as many stories of people breaking into product as there are different backgrounds. The Product Manager at, Kareem Shirazi, was asked to sit down in front of his laptop and answer questions from our

Live Chat with Gliffy’s Senior Product Manager

As many Product Managers have said it's not absolutely necessary for PM's to have a technical background but it sure helps them in many ways if they know at least a little bit of coding. Our community asked the Senior PM at Gliffy the same question and more in a recent "Ask me anything" live

Live Chat with’s Founder and CEO

Product Management is a hot topic at the moment and there are a lot of aspiring Product Managers wanting to break into the field. What qualities would a hiring PM look for in a person? This time it was the CEO at, Nir Erlich's, turn to answer our community's questions about product management and

AMA with the Sr Product Manager at TaskRabbit

The road to product management can be long or short, complicated or easy, intended or unintended or anything in between. Whichever it is every Product Manager has their unique story to tell about it. How did the Senior Product Manager at TaskRabbit end up working as in product management and what are his challenges

Emotional Intelligence for Product Management w/ LearnVest

They say that two-thirds of all communication is nonverbal. It’s not about what is said but the way it is said. Body signals, gestures, and eye contact are examples of this, and often they are unconsciously done. A neutral message can turn into a negative one if the body language and the verbal message

Panel Discussion with Product School’s Instructors

We choose our instructors carefully but they also have to choose us. What are their reasons for wanting to teach in Product School? We presented the question to our three instructors and let the aspiring Product Managers ask some more product management related questions. Here are the results.   Our instructors  

Product Management Events April 2017

This April there is a great mix of Product Management, Coding and Data Analytics events coming up for everyone. We have amazing events featuring speakers from LinkedIn, Ticketmaster, Google and Facebook just to mention a few.     Check all our events for April below:   New York   Wednesday, April 5th Consulting to Product Management

Live Chat with Dan Olsen, Author of The Lean Product Playbook

Dan Olsen is a product management consultant and the author of The Lean Product Playbook. Two of his favorite quotes on problem vs. solution are “people don’t want a quarter inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole." and "with great responsibility comes NO power." We wanted to find out more about what he

Intro to A.I. with Amazon’s Senior Product Manager

We already have intelligence assistants but how about voice-activated cars and kitchen appliances? This is the future. With Amazon Lex and A.I. such as natural language understanding and automatic speech recognition we will be able to do lots of similar things in the future. But how did Amazon do this? Senior Product Manager Sudheera

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