How to crack the PM interview

Uber Product Manager, Randy Edgar, reveals how to crack the PM interview Job interview. Is there anything more scary than that? You walk into a room, talk about yourself and your abilities and answer their questions the best way you. When it's finished, you wait for them to contact you and hope for the

Being a Product Design Scientist

Chris Abad from UserTesting tells us what it's like being a Product Design Scientist A generally known fact is that it's not always easy for Product Managers to gain the trust of the designers and engineers in their team. Especially if the PM is new to the field, proving the team that he's reliable

Growth Explained by Facebook’s Core Product Manager

Yaron Fidler from Facebook shares his keys to growth.   What is growth? Why is growth important to the product? Is it just about the financial benefit? Is it more important to gain more users or to keep the old ones happy? To keep the company blooming, the product needs to be pushed the

The Thing about A/B tests – To Learn or To Ship?

There is no such thing as good or bad idea. In the beginning, there are simply ideas. To find out if those ideas would work in the future they need to be A/B tested but what is A/B testing? What is the difference between "to ship" and "to learn" testing? What do Product Managers

Product Management Events February 2017

This February we have more amazing Product Management events coming up for everyone. There’s a great mix of “Ask me anything” events featuring speakers from Spotify, Netflix, Uber and Facebook just to mention a few.     Check out all our events for February below:   New York Wednesday, February 1st Product Management Happy

Product Management Events January 2017

Start the new year off right by building your knowledge and network in product management. Last year's events were fantastic thanks to our many speakers and guests. In 2017, we only expect them to keep getting better and better. Starting off in January with events featuring hosts from Google, Twitter, Salesforce, LinkedIn and Tinder. Here's what

Product Management Events November 2016

This November expect an awesome mix of workshops and info sessions with some of the best product managers in the industry, from Facebook, Snapchat, Amazon and more. Also, if you’re in New York, don’t miss the very first documentary screening at Product School featuring “DESIGN DISRUPTORS” by InVision. This and more, see what we have lined

Product Management Events October 2016

Product School hosts multiple events each month at our locations in New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and now Los Angeles.  Check out what we have lined up for the rest of October:  Product management events in New York: Wednesday,  October 12th How to Build a Strategy in an Agile Environment Host: Chris Butler, Senior

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