Intro to Machine Learning with Google

We already know about online sites that have recommendation engines. Those are one form of personalization tools that use Artificial Intelligence. Another one is voice activated intelligence assistants like Siri but what exactly is machine learning and what can it be used for? Melody Ivory, a product manager at Google Home, works with Machine

How Your Background Can Help You Launch a Product Career

There truly is a market for Product Managers and we don't mean just the big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Spotify that are always hiring. We're talking about the huge amount of companies that may not fall into the tech category but that still build software and need Product Managers. So what kind of background

All the Ways That A/B Testing Sucks by Yammer PM

A/B testing can be Product Manager’s best friend. What is A/B testing and are the pros and cons of using it? It's false thinking that A/B testing means creating a new experience, giving that to all of your users and then checking what happens afterward. This is not how it works. A/B testing is

Be an Expert Communicator with AmEx PM

It can be hard to break into Product Management, but sometimes the role just finds you without you consciously seeking it. Networking and creating connections with people is the key to getting the job you want which is why you need good communication skills. But what else do you need? Dan Durkin, PM at AmEx,

Understand Why a Customer Has a Problem by the Foundry PM

Understanding why customers have the problems that they do and solving those problems for them is the key reason why we need Product Managers. What kind of advice does The Foundry’s Product Manager, Rachel Ballard, give to the aspiring Product Managers to find these problems and also what would she do in their shoes if

Product Management Events June 2017

This Summer we have a great mix of not only Product Management and Coding but also Data Analytics events coming up for everyone. Our amazing events feature speakers from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and American Express just to mention a few.     Check all our events for June below:   NEW YORK   Thursday, June 1st

From Project Management to Product Management

What are the differences between project and product management and is it easy to transfer from one to the other? Product Manager at Lumina Decision Systems, Fernanda Barbero, gave her insight on this and shared what the best skills are to have as a Product Manager.     Can you tell us a bit

Products Are About People with LinkedIn’s PM

What does it really take to become a good Product Manager? Is it about being technical or having a business background or something completely different? Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn made an argument about products being about people and talked about his own background, how he got into product Management and why you need

Become the Expert of Your Product by Twitter PM

How to become a Product Manager and how to succeed in product management? Our community presented these questions and more to the Product Manager at Twitter, Phil Getzen, in a live chat AMA. His advice is to become the expert of your product because the faster you can answer questions about your product, the

Biggest Challenge as a PM by CEO

Product Management is a hot topic at the moment and there are a lot of aspiring Product Managers wanting to break into the field. What qualities would a hiring PM look for in a person? This time it was the CEO at, Nir Erlich's, turn to answer our community's questions about product management and

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