Recaps of weekly product management events with leaders in the tech industry from Google, Spotify, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Live Chat with Dan Olsen, Author of The Lean Product Playbook

Two of Dan Olsen's favorite quotes on problem vs. solution are “people don’t want a quarter inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole." and "with great responsibility comes NO power." We wanted to find out more about what he thinks about problem vs. solution and product management and so we unleashed our community

Intro to A.I. with Amazon’s Senior Product Manager

We already have intelligence assistants but how about voice-activated cars and kitchen appliances? This is the future. With Amazon Lex and A.I. such as natural language understanding and automatic speech recognition we will be able to do lots of similar things in the future. But how did Amazon do this? Senior Product Manager Sudheera

User Research to Validate Product Ideas

What is user research? How to leverage user research techniques to validate customer demand for new products and features? In our recent event, Michael Burk took us through the best UX practices, different user testing experiences (Moderated & Unmoderated) and how to analyze user flows.   Michael Burk is a Product Manager

Reinventing You: How to Build a Brand While Job Hopping

The previous generation had about two to three jobs in a career, so they didn't need the skill of reinventing themselves. Today it's not unusual for people to change jobs a dozen times which means that now reinvention is a matter of survival. How can we bring something new to the table every time

The Beauty of A/B Testing And Why PMs Should Do It

Engineers, designers, gallery managers, business people... The list goes on. Product Managers come from various backgrounds, and there isn't a story that is exactly alike with another one. Some people found their way into product early, and for some, it took a little bit longer. However, they found their spots in the industry, and we

Live Chat with Senior Product Owner for MasterCard

What is it like being a Product Manager in a big international company? Our Slack community sat in front of their computers and asked questions from Jesse Owens II, Senior Product Owner at MasterCard, to get closer to understanding his day-to-day life. He shared his story on how he got into product management and

Uber PM Talks: How to Crack the PM Interview

Job interview. Is there anything more scary than that? You walk into a room, talk about yourself and your abilities and answer their questions the best way you can. When it's finished, you wait for them to contact you and hope for the best. We've all been there but fear it no more. Here

Being a Product Design Scientist

A generally known fact is that it's not always easy for Product Managers to gain the trust of the designers and engineers in their team. Especially if the PM is new to the field, proving the team that he's reliable and worth their trust can be challenging. But what if the Product Manager is

Growth Explained by Facebook’s Core Product Manager

What is growth? Why is growth important to the product? Is it just about the financial benefit? Is it more important to gain more users or to keep the old ones happy? To keep the company blooming, the product needs to be pushed the right direction. Understanding growth is vital for the process.  

The Thing about A/B tests – To Learn or To Ship?

There is no such thing as good or bad idea. In the beginning, there are simply ideas. To find out if those ideas would work in the future they need to be A/B tested but what is A/B testing? What is the difference between "to ship" and "to learn" tests? What do Product Managers

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