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The 2016 list of online & offline resources to become a product manager

It is hard to become a product manager. Due to the fact that product management is a multifaceted role, it is in no ways a specialization career. We wanted to create a comprehensive list of resources where aspiring product managers could go and find the solution that fits their needs. So here it is, in no particular order.

Product School is coming to New York and Silicon Valley

There was no way around it. Product managers are taking control of the most important tech companies in the world. Product School has taught over 2,000 professionals about product management through its courses and workshops. Our graduates have landed product jobs at leading companies such as Uber, Cisco, and Salesforce. Product School needed to expand.

The Bootcamp Revolution

From Mobile Programming to Product Management, courses with an immersive format are trending right now. General Assembly, Dev BootcampCode Path, Hack Reactor and now Product School, are the big players in the fields.

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