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The Product Management Team

The product manager, also known as the CEO of their product, is responsible for developing the roadmap and supporting a team in building great products. Let’s get to know the team you will be working with:


Who is in the Product Management Team?

Product Manager 


  • The owner of the product
  • You are responsible for coming up with the vision for the product and driving it from just an idea into a product

Project Manager

  • Helps keep developers on schedule
  • Helps remove anything that’s blocking the developers from doing their job
  • Runs most of the meetings
  • Product managers work with project managers to schedule how and when products get worked on by the developers


  • Turns the ideas and designs that product managers come up with into actual apps, products and features

Quality Assurance Engineer (QA engineer for short)

  • Tests the developers code and the usability of the app, product or feature and makes sure that it behaves the way it’s designed by the product manager
  • QA engineers work with product managers to understand what to test for

UX or UI Designer

  • Works closely with the product manager to design the user experience and user interface of the product, feature or app
  • Designers are responsible for working with the product manager to design the look and feel of the product

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