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How to Transition into Product Management by Product School CEO

Our CEO, Carlos, broke into product management from an engineering role. He’s been the CEO and founder of three companies and learned how to be a product manager on the go, which took a long time. Instead of building another digital product he decided to create a school to teach others how the product development process works. When we talk about product management and talk to aspiring product managers, there are three main questions that often come up. Here, we answer those top three, followed by more sent to us by our audience during our recent webinar.   Read More

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Is Product Management for You?

You may already have an idea of how awesome a job in product management can be. Rather than spending all your time finding, collecting, vetting and analyzing a bunch of random internet opinions, we’ve put together some quick facts for you that will help you find out if you should make the PM transition. Read More

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7 Things in Product Management We are Thankful For

In light of the upcoming Holiday, now is the best time to be thankful for all that we have going on in the world of product management. We are surrounded by inspiring people in Tech who are building innovative products that continue to make people’s lives better. Given all the hard work, talent and dedication that goes into each feature, now is the time to say thank you to everyone for all that you do. Read More

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From Software Engineer to Senior Product Manager

Hear Shubba's journey from Software Engineer to Senior Product Manager Shubba is part of the growing Product School alumni community. She evolved from the position of Software Engineer to Product Manager. In fact, engineers are not the only professionals making this move. Other data-oriented graduates from Business Studies, experienced IT practitioners, designers and even financial masters are taking the Product Management route. Read More