Why you should make Product Management your next Career Move – Written by a tech investment banker

It’s no secret that people in finance are flocking en masse to the tech industry in roles like operations, business development, and even harder pivots like engineering.

From Software Engineer to Senior Product Manager

  Meet Shubha “I enrolled in Product School’s Product Management course, and now I am a Senior Product Manager at Schoolzilla.

Becoming a Product Manager without technical background : Alessandro Mannino

Alessandro finished Product School NY back in November and just started his new job as an Associate Product Manager at BeenVerified. He didn't come from the technical background, as he studied Business and Entrepreneurship in university and worked in Sales and Marketing for 1.5 years before transitioning to product management. What was his secret sauce of

Expertise Without Experience: 3 Ways to Manage an Established Team as a New Product Manager

Product Management is tricky.  Even seasoned PMs have to be mindful of the balance between people, processes, and products.  Joining an established team as a new PM has added complexity - not only do you have to fulfill your role, but you’re also stepping into a position to guide a team with far more experience

The 2016 list of online & offline resources to become a product manager

It is hard to become a product manager. Due to the fact that product management is a multifaceted role, it is in no ways a specialization career. We wanted to create a comprehensive list of resources where aspiring product managers could go and find the solution that fits their needs. So here it is, in no particular order.

3 myths about becoming a product manager

The road to becoming a product manager comes with a lot of challenges, work, and even more satisfaction for those who are successful. You must be aware that it is not an easy endeavor. We're here to help.

Top 10: Highest Paying Jobs In Tech

We often hear the question, “How much does a Product Manager make?” In response, we’ve compiled a list of the 2016 highest paying salaries in the tech industry. You’ll notice ‘Product Manager; made the ranks, and as a PM keeps moving up, so do the numbers.

5 Meetup Groups Product Managers In The Bay Area Should Join

If you are looking to get into the product management space or looking to network with other product managers, MeetUps are a great way to do so. Here are the top 5 product related MeetUp groups in the Bay Area. 

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Product management, one of the hottest career paths in tech, is in high demand here in Silicon Valley. Landing a product management job however, is the tricky part. It is always a challenge learning how to get into product management and how to conquer the tricky interviews. This is what we do here at Product

Top Bootcamps in San Francisco

Dev Bootcamps are popping up around the Bay Area, here a a few amazing ones that are worth mentioning.

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