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Interview Series: Product School Instructor, Fred Radford

We had the opportunity to sit down with Fred Radford, a Product Manager at Y Media Labs and an instructor at our Silicon Valley campus. Here’s what he had to say about breaking into product management, and best practices once you get started.

Why Music Producers Can Make Great Product Managers

Earlier this year, I experienced somewhat of an existential crisis — I’m not getting any younger, and although I love my life as a musician, if I was to do something else — now would be the time.

Product Management Events December 2016

As we are winding down what was an amazing year of Product Management events with everyone, we still have a couple weeks left. Here’s what we can look forward to in December:

5 Powerful TED Talks That Will Make You a Better PM

As a product manager, you’ll want to continuously be seeking out new ways to learn, new information, fresh ideas, and inspiration. It’s a constant learning process, and it’s important to stay open and stay motivated…

7 Things in Product Management We are Thankful For

In light of the upcoming Holiday, now is the best time to show appreciation for all that we have going on in the world of product management. We are surrounded by inspiring people in Tech who are building innovative products that continue to make people’s lives better. Given all the hard work, talent and dedication that goes into each feature, now is the time to say thanks to everyone for all that you do.

The Ingredients Found in Every Successful Product

Every great product started with an awesome idea and people who were skilled and motivated enough to see it through. There are ideas and products everywhere, but only a handful survive or thrive in the market. Some of them are just lucky. However, a great deal of those survivors are there because they combined many or all of the ingredients for a successful product.

Meet Thousands of Awesome People in Product

If you’re a product manager, want to be a product manager, like talking about product management, user experience, design or tech in general, and are interested in meeting like-minded people from various corners of the earth, you’ll want to check this out.

How to Crush Your First Product Launch

The greatest part about being a product manager is getting the opportunity to build products. It’s innovating, creating and releasing something that people will use and enjoy using. After months of working in your first product management role, sprint after sprint, it’s time. 

10 Weekly Habits of Product Managers that make a Big Difference

Everyday, product managers all over the world open their laptops and prepare to take on the challenges of product development with their teams. There will be setbacks, there will be leaps ahead, and there will be moments of flowing innovation. In this hectic, yet intensely rewarding career, there are also many habits you can adopt that will help you in each hurdle, support each sprint and keep development moving forward. Here’s our list:


Product Management Events November 2016

This November expect an awesome mix of workshops and info sessions with some of the best product managers in the industry, from Facebook, Snapchat, Amazon and more. Also, if you’re in New York, don’t miss the very first documentary screening at Product School featuring “DESIGN DISRUPTORS” by InVision. This and more, see what we have lined up for November:

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