Blockchain for Managers Course

Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies and build products using blockchain technology.

  • Time
    8 weeks
    Classes on weeknights or weekends to align with your work schedule
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    April 6th
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  • Part-time Course
    16 Campuses across USA, Canada, UK and Online

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Why Product School?

Founded in 2014, Product School provides product management, coding, data, digital marketing and blockchain training to professionals across the U.S., Canada, the UK and Online.

With 16 campuses worldwide, you’ll be taught by instructors who are successful product managers with real-world experience working at renowned tech companies and other technology startups.

Get Certified

You will be awarded with the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Certification (BCC™).

Introduction to the Blockchain

Learn about distributed ledger technology, public and private blockchain technology, cryptography and proof of work concept.

Practical Applications of Blockchain-based Products

You will learn about consensus verification and white papers, in addition to learning about how a product is developed on the blockchain.

Set up an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Learn about the mechanics, tools and players to set up an ICO, as well as changing the nature of fundraising and venture capital.

Trade cryptocurrencies beyond just Bitcoin and Ethereum

Learn about the exchanges and tools to to trade and store cryptocurrencies beyond the big names. We will cover Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, NEO, EOS and many others.

Learn with the best

Mohammad Musa

Helen Sims

Ashok Bania

Inbal Reichman Cohen

Jamal Eason

Yenyi Fu

Sanchan Sahai Saxena

Giovanni Gardelli

Tal Flanchraych

Ryan Mick

David Nachum

Arjun Saksena

What you will learn

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Course

Designed for professionals who wish to learn how to make money using cryptocurrencies, including trading all cryptocurrencies and launching your own ICO and for those who wish to be the first to learn how to build products on the most revolutionary technology since the internet that will transform every part of life, in order to accelerate their careers.
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  • Week 1: Introduction to the Blockchain

    Public vs. private blockchain technology
    Distributed ledger technology
    Regulation and Legal Frameworks
    Security (Attacks, Private Keys, DAO)
  • Week 2: Practical Applications of Blockchain-based Products

    Smart Contracts, Consensus Protocols & Byzantine Fault
    Successful companies/products leveraging blockchain in different tech industries
    Demonstration of building dapps on Ethereum and overview of the different stacks
  • Week 3: Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

    Other Cryptocurrencies
  • Week 4: Trade Cryptocurrencies & Launch Your Own Coins

    Hands-on experience trading cryptocurrencies
    Cryptocurrency futures, ETFs and other emerging asset classes
    Examples of secure wallets and vaults
    Examples of payment processing tools
    How to accept payments in cryptocurrencies?
    How to launch your own coin/set up an ICO?

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